Soul and Soap – Coffee BathBomb

If anyone knows me personally they know that coffee is pretty much both the love and bane of my life. I live and breath coffee, i work for a coffee brand and my current uni project is based on coffee and the brand I work for.

Yet somehow I am always tired!

Something else that’s a passion of mine is bathbombs, if you’ve ever read any of my reviews you’ll know I’m slightly addicted to the indulgence that is a good, hearty, soak in the tub. However, whilst I wait for my tattoo to fully heal, it’s not advisable for me to make a splash in the bath, but I made an exception for this one.

Yes, it’s a coffee scented bathbomb! Dreams do come true!

Or do they…? I was so excited to use this gem but it’s safe to say I’m super disappointed and I won’t be buying one again! It didn’t smell like coffee at all! Maybe that’s because of the packaging and being posted in a box of fruity and floral bath bombs but I’m sorry but there’s no robusta scent in this ball of fizz.

Normally, smell and colour often compete with bath bombs, with it being a case of either being super smelly or super colourful…. this bath bomb has neither! Like, okay is a brown and white bathbomb… I wasn’t expecting much, but to get nothing? Is a little disheartening!

Although I really do like the other bathbombs from this brand, this seems a little meh. Great in theory but meh in practice! And for £2.95 it’s a little pricey for some mud tinted water!

But if you wanna give it a go, you’ll find it here on the Soul and Soap website!