Driving Fears & Advice

Everyone has the opportunity to drive in their lives, whether it’s learning in a instructors car or insuring your own with your parent or guardian in the passenger seat. I have been learning to drive on and off since 2016 and it was only in October I took it up again. So to those learning, here’s a few thoughts that might occur and some advice based on own experience to help you travel down that road.

“I’m going to mess up, crash or just hear the instructor say I can’t drive”.

You can’t get much worse than London from the Suite Life, doesn’t matter what country you are in. They’ll simply walk you through how the car works and take it a gear at a time. Each instructor will tailor how they teach to the person they are teaching.

“What if I don’t like them, they’ll make me nervous and I’ll be stuck with them”.

Source; http://gph.is/2aK4jt7

From watching other people drive I’ve found it best to shop around (admittedly this doesn’t always mean you’re saved from having a bad instructor, especially if you don’t realize), however you get to try them out and see if you can see this being a good fit for you.

Just like anything it’s about what you think works best for you, as only you know what’s best. Plus some instructors might offer a free hour as a tester, as they understand that sometimes people aren’t a good fit.

“I like my instructor, but I’ve had a lot of lessons and just feel like they’re taking my money”.

Source; https://bit.ly/2KFXuuy

This one is something that I can probably talk about most and was quite hard to see. At the time I enjoyed my instructor and we had a list, she had a good reputation from first glance and we seemed to bond over music. However I had been learning to drive since October and the minute I passed my theory she told me to book my test. (This should have been the first red flag).

The first time my test was moved was December (admittedly this was no ones fault, just the way it goes sometimes) due to the Instructor strikes and it was pushed back until February. I then went away for a month, so decided it was best to move it but wanted to give enough time afterwards to brush up, but was told I was ready. Nearer the time I sat in her car, with her telling me we needed to push it back a week before the test.

It was only once I got to post pone my test again, did I finally snap and so did others around me. Upon talking hadn’t covered enough for the amount of time we were out and it just seemed to feel like I wasn’t go anywhere because she wasn’t available for another 2 months. It was once I changed instructor I actually felt like I was getting somewhere and he told me I could go for my test.

“I feel like I’m ready but what if I don’t pass… I just want to go where I want” 

Source; https://bit.ly/2Ix6bec

I cannot describe how much this sentence came into my head, at least once a day. But you know what it doesn’t end if you don’t pass. I didn’t, I got pushed to booking my test again and I’m glad.

Experience is something that is priceless and worth a lot more than it is given credit for, means you know what to expect the next time around (rather than hearing stories and tall tales). And to all you learning, good luck!