Have you ever… seen Spirited Away?

Have you ever is a look back at anything you might have missed from the pop culture world.

Spirited Away 1

Spirited Away eluded me for a long time. I used to be in a film club backing my early years at secondary school and one night we had the chance to watch this film but, being the super cool teenager that I was that was far too cool to watch anime, I didn’t go for some reason. I found out afterwards, from all my less cool friends who attended, that is was actually really great. The first seeds of regret were planted. The next few years are plagued by references to all things Ghibli and that war of attrition eventually wore me down and I decided I had to see it. This was not as simple as I had hoped.

Netflix proved unhelpful; Prime Video came up short so I delved further into the web. I found, downloaded and began watching a potato version [for an example of this, try watching a Youtube video on 124p] which ended up having no subtitles. My Japanese not quite being fluent just yet, I decided that I actually had to bite the bullet and buy it without knowing if I would like it. Spoiler warning: I really liked it.

Spirited Away 3

It’s such a beautiful film. In every single way. I’m going to break tradition with the “Have You Ever”s and I’m going to leave it blind. I had it that way and I feel like other people should suffer like I did. It will come as no surprise that I am a fan of martial arts and action films so it is high praise indeed that I consider this fantastical story about a young girl finding herself trapped in a spirit world one of my favourite films.

It’s well recommended but if you don’t feel like taking the ever-so-brave plunge that I took (if I say so myself): hit me up, you can borrow my copy.


Let us know what you think! If you’ve already seen Spirited Away, everyone says check out the other Studio Ghibli films!

And let me know if you find a good way of doing it because I need to check them out myself!