Nintendo Switch Online’s top 5!

I was very, curious as to what my options for writing an article for this week was originally going to be. And hearing my prayers Nintendo dropped their information on the Nintendo Switch Online service!


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Now, this service is the service that bolsters the fact that you now have to pay for online gameplay, however, once you’ve finished reading my top 5 for this service you’ll hopefully understand why I think it’s a good thing!


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Something I’m not going to address here is the fact of voice chat and the Nintendo Switch Online app, this is actually a huge negative on the service and is currently a huge impediment to Nintendo’s online service, the reason I’m not going to go into this one is because I’ve got an article for this one that’s been stuck in my draft box since Christmas so I will EVENTUALLY get that out, hopefully by the launch of this service.

Exclusive Offers

This one’s a bit of a small one to start off with, but members of the Nintendo Switch Online platform will get exclusive offers on games, add this into the recent changes to My Nintendo points to include coins and this could mean sweeter cheaper games. While Nintendo has a fairly large history of treating their games and Brand in the same way Apple does, I’ll take any opportunity to grab Switch games at a cheaper price.


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NES Classics (Goodbye Virtual Console)

The Virtual Console (the ability to play older Nintendo titles emulated on the current system) will not be in attendance on the Switch. What they have said is Nintendo classic games, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch Online platform in a Netflix style capacity. Essentially, once you have a Nintendo Switch Online account you are granted access to download and play games from the library, with the library starting at 20 NES titles, Nintendo has suggested the library will continuously increase over time.


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These games will be updated to include online functionality, this hasn’t been fully announced to the detail, so this could be a full online overhaul of these classics (which for those who want to play the originals as intended I’m sure would be fairly upset to see their favourite games rebuilt for internet use) or this could be as simple as syncing the games over the internet and adding players as controllers via the emulator and therefore not actually altering the original games. Either way, it’ll be an exciting new world!

The costs

A huge factor to this service is it’s price, with other consoles offering similar services for £40 – £60 a year, Nintendo has to compete fairly in this landscape.


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Considering the fact that games offered will be classics and not the latest titles through their online library (compared to games for gold and ps+) the price has to be potentially downscaled, but Nintendo offering the service for £17.99 is an even better addition! Nintendo offering this service for £17.99 a year means that Nintendo can offer a well-priced service.

The family plan

But if that price doesn’t excite you, how about £31.49 for 8 switches on the family plan! Sharing this with all paying family members brings your price down to £3.49 a year for Switch Online! It’s unclear what restrictions will be on this plan for adding people, but potentially finding 8 friends in a family plan might actually be a viable strategy!


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Cloud Saving!

And last but not least, the feature Switch users have been waiting for since the 03rd of March 2017. Nintendo is finally adding the ability to back up your data in the cloud. This was a most requested feature as having your game data be lost if your switch breaks for whatever reason is a painful reality for many Switch owners, the ability to quickly back up your save data and now it’s all safe is a welcome and safe reality for all!


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Thank you for reading, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!