My top 5 Brooklyn Nine Nine Episodes

I am, in a word, devastated. Brooklyn Nine-nine has been my favourite comedy of the past few years, it’s wholesome humour, well-written stories and the fantastic acting cast has been a constant in my continuing life. Today, I am in despair having to come to terms with the fact that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has finally been axed by Fox.


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But, I will not wallow, for now, I will look back on my top 5 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episodes!

This will contain spoilers up to the current parts of season 5.

Season 1: Pontiac Bandit

This might have been the episode that made me realise my genuine love for this show. The Pontiac Bandit becoming Rosa and Jakes nemeses was a fantastic and seeing Jake honour 1000 pushups was a wonderful moment.


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Season 2: Johnny and Dora

This episode, made me go full-boyle for Amy & Jake. It was hilarious, awkward and brilliant, seeing the ship that I (let’s be honest everyone) had been pushing for years finally set sale was a moment to be held, as well as watching Wuntch get very personal with Holt.


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Season 3: The mattress

This episode, whilst brilliantly funny, is actually on here for a different reason. Holt’s lesson to Jake on compromising in a relationship and the fact that spending money on something you both need to honour that commitment was an important and sweet lesson. Also, seeing Holt sit on a cake.


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Season 4: The Fugitive (parts 1 and 2)

This episode was brilliant because of so many reasons. Watching Jake and Amy have their little fight over whose apartment they get to keep, the pothole lady, THE RETURN OF DOUG JUDY and even Terry coming to terms with age was a fantastic double-episode story. And the ending left me shocked.


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Season 5: Halloween V

Something you’ll notice is that this list has gone in order of the seasons, and that’s because. Brooklyn Nine-Nine tells a continuous story, but one that gets better over time. Yes, this list is in season order, but it is genuinely being put in my Top order. This episode solidifies it. The Halloween V heist was funny, paced, eccentric and mad. But had such a beautiful ending I honestly dropped my mug of tea. The moment every fan had been waiting for, finally happening. Also to give this episode further brilliance, going back and watching it. The ending plot twist is one that when rewatched, is so well layered. Everyone of Jakes actions has completely different meaning in context. All in all. Halloween V is an episode I will enjoy until the end.


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Thank you for spending your time today to read through my list and thank you, brooklyn nine-nine for being my faviroute comedy of the last few years and one of the best shows I’ve had the pleasure of watching. Goodbye, goodnight and bingpot!