Avengers: Infinity War- Spoiler Free Review

After the mad titan Thanos sets out to collect the Infinity Stones, The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy must team up to stop him from destroying half of all life as he sets out to re-balance the universe as he sees fit.

After ten years and eighteen films, all roads for the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been leading to one of the most anticipated films in recent years, which is Marvel’s magnum opus; Avengers: Infinity War. Since the start of Phase 3, Marvel Studios have not disappointed, delivering hit after hit, and they do not falter here. They have done something that I thought was not probable. They have taken the MCU to the next level. Infinity War is an incredible spectacle and one of the best experiences I have had in a cinema for a long time, its the first time I have watched a film at the cinema and had audience members clapping and cheering throughout. Throughout this film, I had a huge grin on my face.

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This film, in my opinion, redefines the term blockbuster. Straight from the off we are thrust straight into action with the plot as the film itself has the foot on the pedal from start to finish, there is not a lot of time to stop for a breather. For a while,  I have been cautious about this film for a long time, due to the sheer volume of characters in it as I felt that there would be too many. I felt a similar way with Captain America: Civil War but like with that film, the Russo Brothers have squashed my doubts once more. This film is Civil War x20. The vast amount of characters in this film works, due to the fact they are split into several groups and scattered around the world/universe  which gives the characters moments to shine throughout, rather than cram them all into one giant scene at the end.

To me, with the exception of two of The Children of Thanos, there was not a weak character at all in the film. With films of this size, it is impossible to get much character depth (Besides Thanos), due to the vast amount of characters. Even if the characters just feature in small roles with quippy one liners or heroic moments, each character gets their own moment to shine throughout the film. A few characters such as Falcon, War Machine, Groot and Black Widow are pushed to the side a little, but each of them make the most of it when on camera. For me, the stand out character of this film was indeed Thanos.

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After being shown cameos of him and hearing brief mentions we are finally given a proper introduction to Marvel’s purple big bad, played brilliantly by Josh Brolin. While villains in previous MCU have felt wasted or fallen short of expectations, Thanos is easily the most developed villain in this universe since Loki.  He is the heart of this film, and if it can be considered to have one, he also serves as the films protagonist. Most of the time in huge blockbusters, a CGI villain can often be its downfall (Looks at the DCEU), Thanos, thankfully, does not fall into this category. Every time he was on screen with other characters, he was the character I was always paying attention to as he was menacing, scary and unpredictable as you never knew what the outcome was going to be for the characters who come up against him.

While his plan can seem a bit over the top, it does have some plausibility and this was the best part of his character, he believes so much that what he is doing is the right thing to do and he does give his reasons why, which at times made my sympathize with him slightly. However, his scenes involving Gamora (Zoe Saldana) are his strongest and have the most emotional impact and it also offers Saldana the chance to do some of her best emoting of the franchise.

Despite the genocidal themes of the film, the film is full of the MCU’s trademark humour, mostly by the Guardians who steal every scene they are in but also from other characters as well. As well as humour, there are some genuinely emotional moments in the film that are rarely featured in huge blockbuster films. Most of these moments are down to odd-couple like pairings of characters that we haven’t had in the films before, my favorite couple of the film being Thor and Rocket who are excellent together. Mixed with high stake emotions and the legitimate peril of Thanos, especially when he collecting Infinity Stones, every time he gets one, the tension in the film gets higher. This showed, that for once in a Marvel film that no character is safe , and that any one of them could join the pile of bodies come the end of the film.

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For my final thoughts on this film however, credit where credit is due for The Russo Brothers for pulling something of this magnitude off. All of the action sequences throughout the film are expertly shot and choreographed and had me sat on the edge of my seat throughout the whole film. The climatic battle at the end is a set piece that can possibly give battles from The Lord of the Rings films a run for their money due to the enormity of it and you are also still able to tell what is going on amidst all the chaos and characters running about. Overall, this film was incredible and has now set the bar high for future blockbuster films. Even though it is no longer titled Infinity War: Part One, it still has a feel of that title toward the end of the film, and I eagerly await what should be a satisfying conclusion to Phase 3 on May 4th 2019, with the release of the Untitled Avengers Sequel.

Make sure you stay to the end of the credits!

Rating: ★★★★★