The Toms x Disney Collection Is Coming!

It’s that time of the week again where Quixotic goes all Disney! It’s time to head back to the shopping wishlist this week, although, your bank will thank me for now as this collection isn’t being released until summer, giving us all the time to save up for it, and take our pick from this 30 piece gem cove.

The collection has three film categories, (ish) with the Cinderella being the first mini collection to drop in June, with Snow White and the seven dwarves and sleeping beauty being released later in the year and although there aren’t too many pictures or links to the items flying about on a magic carpet just yet, the ones we do have are giving our credit cards a reason to worry.

Source: FootwearNews


Especially with this tagline; “For those who break glass ceilings, not glass slippers” yes, you guessed it, this has female power at the frontline and is exclusively for women and kids, and although I feel this is unfair on male Disney fans, it does make me feel a little better about buying some, for equal rights yah?

The goal of the collab, according to Toms, is to “empower women and girls in the pursuit of their dreams. [It’s] for those who break glass ceilings, not glass slippers.” Okay so that makes me feel a little better for those men who want to be Disney Divas, but I’m still not overly convinced.

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Lets just hope they become available within the UK, at the moment the price tags sit at:  $65 to $75 for women’s shoes and $49 to $59 for kids’ sizes, with sunglasses (yes! I know right!?) setting you back $170 to $190 for women and $90 for children, add the customs on to that and looks like I’m not eating for a month! Worth it for those rarely seen artwork from the Walt Disney Archives though right?

What have I got my eye on the most? 100% these! Let me know which your favourite is!

Source: Toms