Soul And Soap: Cucumber – Is This The Time Stone?

Rolling with the current bath bomb theme on Quixotic, this bath delight marks The Time Stone! Or, Doctor Strange’s Necklace as it’s easier described as. I actually wanted to save this bath bomb for a later review because it’s one of the new ones I recently got, from a company I’d never tried before, but it’s green appearance made it perfect for this theme and to review!

So, I give you guys, the Soul and Soap Cucumber bath bomb! Which I’ve actually teamed with a Superdrug Cucumber Clay Mask… naturally 😉

Anyways, back to the real reason you’re here! Although it’s not actually a time stone, this bath-bomb will allow you to spend some time chilling out and relaxing, it’s refreshing and although my face was covered with a face mask I could smell the subtle cucumber and avocado smell coming from the bath water!

This bath bomb is doing wonders for my post-work feet and I feel they’re somehow being revitalised and feel less achy, I think this is because of the avocado oil in the product. At £3.49 I feel this is a decently priced item, although I’m not overly keen on the plastic packaging, as it’s a nightmare to get off the bath-bomb if you’ve not got any scissors handy!

As always, secondary to smell, colour is important to me! And although green isn’t a personal favourite colour, this bath water is really pretty, sort of reminds me of a jelly, and wait, are those bits of Cucumber at the bottom of my bath? 🥒 or is it avocado 🥑? I feel a bit like a mojito. 😐

I think this is deffo worth a purchase, although if you’re not a fan of Cucumber I would probably avoid it! Me? I love it! If you’re a Cucumber fan like me, they also sell Cucumber soap and shower soufflé! Oh and best of all? They’re entirely vegan! So cruelty free fun for everyone!

So, without time to spare, get yours here! And keep your eyes peeled for more Soul and Soap reviews!