– Avalon Dusk – Is This The Power Stone?

Okay okay so I know I need to use more variety in my bath bombs, I can promise they’ll be coming soon! But for now, this purple gem (no pun intended) is perfect for the Infinity War theme I’m going for with my bath bomb posts this month!


It’s super floral and if you regularly read my reviews, you’ll know how much I don’t like flowery things, so this one was a little bit of a no-go for me! Although the undertones of Jasmine and Parma Violets did really kinda work together. I can see family members enjoying this, especially my mum who loves vanilla and musk smelling things, so I deffo shall be getting her some for her birthday!

img_4042.jpgThankfully, my Kanye West playlist (#POWER) got me through this bath because of the floral scent. The colour was also really appealing! and made my bath a really nice purple colour, with barely and glitter which was certainly a good thing after my Glittery Mind Stone bath the other week!

The actually design of the bath bomb is also aesthetically pleasing as it’s super arty and well, cute. It’s also decently priced at £2.95, you can get yours here!