– Glitter Millionaire – Is This The Mind Stone?!

This bathbomb is two things;

Firstly a pain in the arse to get rid of and contain in the bathroom. Secondly, the crossover between my two bathbomb series! – whilst ending the last month’s bathbomb theme of perfume inspired bath treats, and on to the next series, infinity stone bath bombs! Because hey! It’s April and there’s only one thing more important than my birthday this month… Infinity War!! So, I give you the yellow, mind stone!

After the busiest of Easter weekends last weekend (maybe I got a little distracted before posting this!)  I have not one but two bath bomb reviews for you this week! Hooooooray!! First up is this gem that will be with you for days. Quite literally, the glitter from this bath bomb seems like such a good idea until, day three after the bath, you’ve still got glitter under your arm pits and between your toes (and everywhere in between if we’re being honest) and that’s not exclusively at home either, my boyfriend’s car is also glittery AF because of my sparkly arse.


Thankfully, to make up with the faff of glitter, the bath bomb smells incredible, but maybe that’s my addiction to Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million, and similar to the other perfume inspired bath bomb, this one stays with you all day. Just not quite as long as that pesky glitter.

I will give the bath bomb also that it is visually appealing before it hits the water, deffo a Christmas present idea that will be given to my friends this year, my mum too, if she’s forgiven me for the infestation of glitter sparkles everywhere, including on the cat 😑


Thankfully, these bathbombs are made with cosmetic glitter that is safe for the skin as well as animals (although I wouldn’t recommend giving your cat a bath using one.) I’m still deciding if I’d buy one of these again because the glitter is a little too invasive after a while and I’m pretty sure my electric bill is up with the amount of times I’ve used the hoover….