5 Ways To Waste Time; Coffee Shop

As I write this I have 2 hours to (productively) waste in a coffee shop that I love. Apart from the over priced delicious coffee it is probably my favorite at the moment (I shouldn’t share but… it’s Coffee1). But the problem with having time to waste is working out the best way to… well, waste it. So here are my 10 ideas on how to waste time.

  1. Remember to take a laptop with you – The best coffee shops have plug sockets so you can just sit on your laptop/ choice of device and slurp your tea/ coffee. Answer emails, or as I am, write a blog.
    Source; https://bit.ly/2GFJfsh
  2. Get a small piece of paper/ notebook & write ideas for your next creative project –  This could be any thing from Comic characters you have later to add to your universe, short stories/ ideas for plots or lyrics based on the people or actions you observe quietly from afar.
    Source; https://bit.ly/2uSO3Vx
  3. Simply sort through your photos on your phone – you don’t need internet for this one, which is a bonus if you find yourself in an establishment without working WiFi (we’ve all been in one at some point). All our phones get cluttered with images we no longer need or want.
    Source; https://bit.ly/2Iz1zj4
  4. Go for a walk – I know what you’re thinking, but how does this fit with the coffee shop theme. Well there’s no reason why you can’t go for a walk (providing it is sunny for once) and then reward yourself with a drink of your choice afterwards (this one is good for if you’re limited on funds).
  5. Take a book/ pop to your nearby bookshop and purchase a good book –  This will keep you occupied. (Although if your anything like me where you get sucked into the world, I’d advise setting a timer 10 minutes before you need to leave, so you can settle into reality again).