Music Spotlight; Tessa Violet

YouTuber Musician – made her name on YouTube but is known for her talent and sheer songwriting skill.

Available on Spotify/ YouTube

(Discography) – background on the artist

Single highlights

  • Just Right
  • Haze
  • Not Over You
  • Make me a robot
  • Dream

Her instrumentation is a simple ukulele accompaniment to compliment her more complex dreamy melodies and lyrics. I can guarantee her catchy choruses will be stuck in your head after one listen (currentlythe chorus to ‘Just Right’ is stuck in mine as I write this… la-la la-la la-la laa).

Although don’t except for them to all be happy go lucky “Sorry Not Sorry”. Is much darker, still with repetitive lyrics and catchy hooks. Kick drums and bass make up the bulk of this song with instrumental drop out and break downs.

You certainly get a mixed bag, but it’s well worth for listen if you like artists like;

  • Emma Blackery
  • Dodie Clark
  • Paramore
  • Selena Gomez

Remember to check back at the end of the month for the quixotic playlist, made up of a mixture of songs featured in Music Spotlight Friday.

P.S This is one of my personal favourites