Love Bath Bomb

This month I’ve been trialling a new range of bath bombs for Quixotic and I have to say I’m really enjoying them! Although I can’t say this one is a personal favourite that will leave me itching to buy more instantly, I do think it’ll be a Christmas gift I’ll be giving to family members, such as my mother and my grandmother!

This month I’ve dedicated my bath bomb review slot to perfume inspired bath products and this one, doesn’t disappoint, I give you, “Love” by!

This Viktor and Rolf “Flowerbomb” inspired bath bomb is a very florally bathbomb (hence it not being one of my favourites so far) with notable tones of Rose and Orchid, jasmine, patchouli and musk. Oh and green tea! So all in all, quite sweet smelling and fresh, it also lasts a long time, it’s like you’re wearing the perfume the whole day which is good if you’re heading out somewhere nice after your bath.

As for my second key factor of a bathbomb, the colour of this product is lovely, it’s somewhat subtle compared to other bath bombs but I do really think it fits with the theme of the bath bomb, floral and I reminds me of a colour orchid I once bought my grandma which is probably where my thinking for Christmas presents comes from!

Overall I really do rate this bath bomb, it was relaxing and really kicked off my morning which is good, refreshing too. I still think my mum would probably prefer it to me but that only comes down to personal preference! At £3.25 it’s a great edition to any bath bomb collection! When they’re back in stock you can get yours here!