Infinity Stones; T.H.A.N.O.S Theory

This post contains spoilers of majority of the Marvel cinematic universe movies, including Black Panther, there’s also some damn good theories and some facts about the purple Bruce Willis lookalike, proceed with extreme caution!

After seeing Black Panther again it really got me thinking about the next MCU release, Infinity War and those pesky Infinity stones that have everyone’s guessing goggles on!

The Quixotic team have been discussing where they think the final infinity stone is and what exactly it’s going to appear as when Infinity War hits our screen on April 27th.

But before we get to that last crucial theory, let’s have a run down of what we already know about the 6 infinity stones that Thanos is so keen to get his knuckles on! ūüĎä


What are the Infinity Stones? 

There are 6 Infinity stones all in all,¬†Time, Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Space and Soul, ¬†one for each knuckle of Thanos’ gauntlet and one in the centre. These stones to my understanding are immensely powerful and can cause some serious sh*t for the Avengers, “Revengers” and the potential Defenders! (Read more about this theory here in Ed’s post about what could happen in Infinity War!)¬†These gems are tied to different parts of the universe and uniting them is really not a good idea, unless you’re the mind of Thanos, whom wants to control the whole universe which will be pretty damn likely if he manages to get them all. These stones have been hidden and kept safe for so many years, but over the last 18 or so MCU films, we have uncovered the location of a few of them, so lets have a look at what we know about those diamonds in the rough.

The Space Stone;

Representing the T in the “T.H.A.N.O.S” theory that each stone is found in something based on the letters in Thanos’ name, which is also the bases of my theory I’ll tell you about later, is the Tesseract. First appearing in Captain America: The first Avenger, (Okay technically the post credits in Thor but for purpose lets not argue) the Tesseract was locked up in Odin’s vault on Asgard… Oh wait, remember the end of Thor: Ragnarok? Yeah, boom… hopefully the God of Mischief popped it in his pocket before fleeing a crumbling Asgard.

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The Reality Stone; 

We’ll leave the mystery of the “H stone” for the end of the post because it’s the only undiscovered stone as of this very second, although there are some beautiful theories on where it is! Just wait, it’s coming!

So skipping to “A” – The Reality stone was found in the Aether, which is basically a big red floaty thing, that takes hosts and makes people do some bad Sh…yup, I get it, this ones a bit hard to really pin down as a stone at this point, but lets see if I can do some explaining. (Please don’t hold your breath!)

Although the reality stone is a primarily liquid form, if we cast back to Thor; The Dark World, you’ll remember the Asgardians managed to contain it into a stone and left it with the Collector for safe keeping. Where Sif and Volstagg explain that it would be unwise to leave two infinity stones in Odin’s treasury. Okay so that one is safe from Thanos.

Hang on, didn’t the Guardians of the Galaxy ruffle up the Collector in Vol.1? Maybe he’s not a safe place for an infinity stone to be kept, especially when he muttered the words “One down, five to go” to himself once the Asgardian’s have left his museum in Thor: The Dark World. Sh*t, Thanos obtaining all six stones is starting to seem a little more likely.

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The Power Stone;

Oh wait, the Guardians of the Galaxy busted the Collector’s arse in Vol.1…

I mean, The Collector did do the dandy job of explaining the infinity stones to the guardians but, in true Marvel style, it wasn’t all too good an ending. You remember that purple glowing gem now? Yeah the pretty stone that then caused Carina to rebel against the Collector, whom enslaved her, and caused her to pretty much disintegrate, yeah that’s the Power stone, which can only be held for a few moments before well, boom. So whilst we’re talking about the collector and all on the same page (hopefully), lets skip over the “N Stone” and come back to that in a second. Let’s focus on the “O”, otherwise known as the “Power Stone” or “Orb”

As I mentioned, this stone is extremely, well, powerful… and it would take something to hold it, such as for example Ronan’s Hammer or say… one infinity gauntlet to hold its power as to not completely fizzle its bearer. Originally found on the planet Morag by Yondu’s ravagers,¬†the stone allows the person, or being, who wields it the power to completely destroy an entire planet at the click of their fingers because the stone’s power is proportional to the organic matter it touches. At the moment it’s being held safe by the Nova Corp on Xandar, safe being a loose term as if you’ve seen the trailers, you’ll notice Thanos has it on his gauntlet already.

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The Time Stone; 

The latest in the uncovering of the infinity stones is the Time Stone, and I could be mistaken but I’m pretty sure there’s not been much mention of the Infinity stones since Doctor Strange was released, which seems like forever ago, am I right?!

So lets cast back to Dr S and take a closer look at that, “Necklace” Stephen wears. The¬†Eye of Agamotto pendant is the source of Doctor Strange’s time travel abilities and ¬†is undoubtably an Infinity stone, simply because the Time Stone allows its bearer to manipulate time, hence the twisty time loops allowing them to go back and forward in time. Something I really hope they do more of in Infinity War because it wasn’t really prominent in Doctor Strange. At the end of Doctor Strange Strange returns it to¬†Kamar-Taj so how this will pop up in Infinity War I’m not entirely sure but we shall have to wait and see.

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The Mind Stone; 

The last known whereabouts of an Infinity Stone is the one that has always been in plain sight. Ironically now inside Vision’s forehead, after Tony Stark and Bruce Banner gave him life in Age of Ultron by using the stone’s powers, the Mind Stone once started off inside Loki’s scepter, the final “S” of the T.H.A.N.O.S theory, hopefully you’ll remember he carried it everywhere with him and if you’ve paid close attention to the trailers you’ll see it reappearing and pointing at Vision’s Mind Stone centrepiece. This one is undoubtably going to cause some tears in Infinity War because unless somehow Vision manages to survive, to get the stone out, Thanos wont stop at nothing to complete his set. Sorry Vision-Scarlet Witch shipping fans.

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Finally the bit we’ve all been waiting for;

The Soul Stone; 

If the films are going to stick to the comics, and they have so far, the final stone that Thanos will be hunting down is the Soul Stone. It’s not yet been uncovered so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled even more so in Infinity War just to get our first look at it.

Or maybe we’ve already seen it before?

If you don’t want to read¬†any more¬†of my ramblings about infinity stones you can listen to our podcast on the Soul Stone by clicking this text!¬†

If not, get comfy and I’ll begin!

The Heimdall Theory: 

For ages now this has been one of the most popular theories on where the soul stone is. Although this isn’t my theory on where the stone is, it is reasonable and I think it’s quite a contender when it comes to where the stones could be. This theory focuses on Heimdall being the bearer of the Soul Stone, this is why his eyes glow orange and y’know the tiny fact he can locate any soul in the universe… seems a little too obvious though don’t you think?

During our podcast we discussed this theory and it was explained that there’s a theory relating to this where Rocket, Thor and Starlord all go to build a new weapon for Thor, made from, you guessed it, an infinity stone. It’s also said that Thor replaces his eye with the soul stone and with Idris Elba very openly not wanting part in the MCU films, this theory does seem to play out well.

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The Heat Theory: 

Okay, I admit it, I persuaded my boyfriend to go with me to see Black Panther again because I had the soundtrack stuck in my head! The second time of watching this I actually homed in and took to deconstructing the film, rather than looking for it’s flaws so I could wind my boyfriend up. I think this second time, minus the couple behind us whom didn’t stop talking for the whole¬†film, I preferred the film to the first. It allowed me to think in more depth than the first time and something clicked in my head when we were in the screening.

What happens to sand when it’s heated? It turns to glass right? So, in theory, what would have happened to the sand, that allowed T’Challa and Erik Killmonger to visit the Ancestral planes, (which is a highlight of the movie, those black panthers are adorable!!), when Killmonger burned the lot of that because “I’m your king now yadayadayada” so what’s to say that that burning scene isn’t the forming of an infinity stone? Mixed with the vibranium it would make some sort of sense, no?

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The Herb Theory: 

Moving on, this comes from talking with my boyfriend after we watched Black Panther the first time. Although I didn’t even think to look for an infinity stone whilst I was watching the blockbuster of the year (so far) – you can read what I thought about it here!! – but this theory is based on those drinkable plants found under the surface of Wakanda. I mean, why else would Thanos attack Wakanda? I asked Chris to summarise his theory for me in better words than I would, and this is what he said:

“Whilst I think the Heimdall eye theory seems to a foregone conclusion I think a nice twist would be that the stone would be in Wakanda – whilst we know a lot of the main heroes travel to the African country to join forces with BP and get Bucky but it seeing as a huge part of the trailers and therefore a decent battle part of the film it would make sense that the stone could be on Wakanda -the soul stone is meant to be orange like Heimdall’s eyes but the herb (also starts with a H) that gives Black Panther his powers could well be the last stone as one idea.

Like the Aether the stones are strictly in their gem form and another idea with Wakanda is that the sand that T’Challa uses to go to the ancestral plane could very could very well be the stone – after all the sand is used to speak to the SOULS of the ancestors that wore the BP mantle ūü§Ē as Sammeh¬†has also pointed out Killmonger also burnt that entire chamber (herbs, sands and all) in Black Panther and when Sand is burnt it turns to glass – whilst the gems are strictly stones they are translucent so it’s an interesting thought. All in all the fact that one herb can give a man the powers of an ancestor (the mantle of BP) all because of the vibranium asteroid seems like it isn’t the full picture.”

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The It’s Iron-Man’s Suit Theory:

Okay so this one has been flying about recently and personally I think it’s awful! It’s come from the leaked Infinity War images where all six of the infinity stones are shown really with their links to where they were found in the films, just have a look for yourselves!

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 21.05.25.png
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On this note, people are saying that Tony’s suit is the last infinity stones, with some even suggesting that his heart is the “H”, and it was his heart that founded the Avengers and so on… someone pass the sick bag eh?

So what do you think? Where is the Soul Stone?! and what will happen to the Avengers for Thanos to obtain it? Only time will tell I guess! Or you can let us know in the comments your theories!