Cherub Bathbomb

It’s kinda been a while since I posted my last bathbomb review, but that’s because I’ve been trying to move away from the cliche I found myself in with only really posting bathbombs from two retailers!

My last review focused on the teeny tiny Bodyshop fizzer and I’ve been itching to try out more bathbombs, I just haven’t had the time!

But now, I finally got to relax and let my skin soak for a while, whilst also trying out a new brand of bath bomb! I give you,’s Cherub bath bomb!

There are so many defining personalities of this bathbomb, firstly it’s strong scent. Oh boy do I mean strong! Based on the Mulger perfume “Angel” and I must say, it really does smell like the scent! Very fruity and with hints of vanilla! It lasts a long time and it can be smelt through the packaging too which is always a good sign! Although, after a while this may not be an amazing thing because I does kind of make the smell repetitive and like someone has just dropped the perfume bottle in the water, but hey, for a quick dip there’s no complaining!

The second defining characteristic is really the colour, although the bathbomb looks fairly plain on the outside compared to some of the other bathbombs (you’ll see what I mean) it produces some superb results. The colour is so vibrant and enduring and it’s really not what I expected from something kinda dull on the outside.

The only really negative thing I think about this bath bomb is that it doesn’t really do much for a relaxing bath, but I think that’s something personal to each person. So I would definitely recommend this bathbomb because it will make you smell really good, (I had the bath in the morning and smelt like it all day! Wooo!) and it’s a really decent price too! Only £3.25! You can get yours here!