Glitter Disco Ball Bath Bomb!

Firstly, yes this is as messy as you think!! Proceed with caution, and have the hoover at the ready!

You may or may not know but I’ve been venturing out of my bath bomb comfort zone recently and have been trying some new products and this one comes in the form of this glittery disco ball bath bomb from!

Although this one isn’t labelled as a “Joppa” scented bathbomb is really does have noticeable similarities which is great! I can not fault this bath bomb on smell or delivery. It sure delivers what it says on the packet. 😐

Glitter. Yes lots and lots of glitter!

Now I may have used this bathbomb wrong because some of the glitter started off a little clumpy when it was starting to fizz out in the bath, and I was starting to be really out of by this, but then I thought about it and I think it’s because of the mix with Shea butter that that effect happened. I also reckon that was why all the glitter seemed to stick to me as I got out! It was also a pain to scrub off the bath! Uh oh!

Although, this glitter overload didn’t put me off buying another, it certainly isn’t a bath bomb I’d use regularly, but it will be a Christmas present for my friends and family undoubtedly! And for only £3.75?!? Bargain!