Avengers: Infinity War- What Needs To Happen


Ten years ago, the Marvel Cinematic Universe started with the release of Iron Man (2008) who at the time was not a popular superhero and the notion of an Avengers film seemed only a dream. Now in 2018, we are just over a month away from what could be seen as the biggest cinematic event of all time; Avengers: Infinity War. In this film, we see the  culmination of 18 films that brings all the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe come together to fight the mad titan Thanos, who wants to gather the Infinity Stones to cause devastation throughout the universe.

As the film draws closer, my excitement levels are at an all time high, so without further ado, here is what I think needs to happen in Avengers: Infinity War.

Thanos Brings The Destruction 

Its safe to say in this film, there is going to be a lot of carnage, mostly at the hands of Thanos himself. A good way to start off the film would be introducing Thanos by having him invade Xandar, which we last saw in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 as they are currently in possession of the Power Stone. So to show that Thanos means business by having him turn up, laying waste to the Nova Corps, applying the Power Stone to his Infinity Gauntlet and then destroying the planet with ease would definitely be a bold opening and a bold move for Marvel. This would also show Thanos as a force to be reckoned with as he is willing to kill men, women and children on his quest for total domination in the universe, and by doing this, shows he will stop at nothing. Not only would this show what he is capable of, it would show that he is going to be the most challenging foe the Avengers have ever come up against. Marvel need to show us that he’s in control and a force to be reckoned with!

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Deaths That Matter

A major issue is in the MCU is characters being killed off that don’t exactly matter. Quicksilver in Age of Ultron is a prime example of this. However, some actors in the MCU are now at the end of their contracts, so this would be a perfect opportunity for some characters to bow out in style. So to really bring an emotional impact to the film, it needs to kill off some big characters. Its safe to say Vision will be one of the first characters to die but it wouldn’t be a shock for him to do so. For me, deaths that would have a lasting impact on the film would be those of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor or the Hulk and Drax to name a few. All of these are characters audiences have grown to love and would certainly bring the feels to the film.

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Cap and Tony Make Amends

Probably an incredibly likely scenario in the film. It would be interesting to see their relationship still at odds slightly with Cap still being friends with Bucky. Tony could also come to a resolve with Bucky for the greater good of the planet after seeing that he is a new person. But Cap and Tony forgiving one another could make for a particularly bittersweet moment, with Tony handing Cap his shield back, especially if one or both of them is to be killed before the film ends.

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The Guardians Bring The Funk 

In a film that is set to be fairly miserable, it would be good to counter balance this with the presence of the Guardians who normally have a feel good factor about them and the element of comic relief. What has made the Guardians of the Galaxy such successful films, are the excellent soundtracks so to bring that into the world of the Avengers would certainly bring some well needed moments to defuse the tension. A great moment would be the Avengers are gearing up for a huge battle and the Milano descends from the skies with the Pina Colada song blasting out of its speakers, and maybe, Peter may defeat Thanos through a dance off.


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The Action Goes Global 

The MCU has constantly kept its threats limited to just one city or planet. At this point, its a factor that has got a little bit dull. For Infinity War, the action needs to go global for the film to have any chance of making the audience think that there is any peril at all. We know that a major battle takes place in Wakanda but having the heroes split up to take on Thanos on all fronts around the globe will make the threat more difficult to overcome. The film itself is rumoured to have 67 main characters in it, so why not have them in pockets around the world fighting. To restrict it to one setting would be wasted potential of having all of these characters in one film. Which brings me onto my next point…

The Defenders Play A Role 

Probably unlikely to happen, but so far, the MCU hasn’t really connected at all with its Netflix counterparts. Even though they exist in the same universe, there is rarely a mention of the films in the Netflix series’, only referring to “The Incident” when talking about the Battle of New York from Avengers Assemble. There’s never been a situation for the TV and Films to collide, but in this case and the planet in danger, it would make perfect sense. With the planet, and also their New York home in danger, there’s no way (with the exception of Daredevil) that they’d turn a blind eye. If New York is in danger, they’ll be fighting for it. Even if its only a cameo, it would be a welcome addition to the films groaning roster of characters. Why wouldn’t you want a bullet proof man, an indestructible woman and two expert martial artists involved in some capacity. Even a quick clip of Frank Castle shooting down aliens with a mini-gun would be epic to see!

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A Full Infinity Gauntlet

Over the last eighteen films, we’ve seen what the effects of five out six Infinity Stones can do individually. What needs to happen in Infinity War is Thanos wielding a gauntlet with all six of them. In the comics, once he assembles them all, he snaps his fingers and half of the universe disappears. I hope the film allows Thanos to gather all six so we can finally see what destruction and disaster can be brought to the big screen. If he only collects five of them and is still defeated, it would be a massive cop out. I want to see full scale destruction at the hands of a maniacal despot bent on “fixing” the universe.

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A No Sh*t Sherlock Line 

I mean, to have both actors who play Sherlock Holmes in one film and not have someone say this, followed by a moment of Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch awkwardly catching each others eye would have just been a waste of everyones time.

Avengers Assemble!

It wasn’t said in the first film, it was teased at the climax of the second. It needs to be said in Infinity War! Hopefully Cap will say it before leading the Avengers into the huge battle we’ve seen in the trailer. Failing that, introducing the New Avengers at the end of the film with Black Panther or Spider-Man saying would also have a nice touch to it!

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There we have it, if there’s anything you think I’ve missed or you think needs to happen in the film then comment below! Thanks for reading.

Avengers: Infinity War is due out April 27th, 2018!







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  1. Awesome blog and I can’t wait for this film to come out. I do agree with killing off certain chatacters which I don’t want to happen as I’m fond of them all.


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