Old School Mannerism

So, I have not wrote a piece in months and I am sorry for that! Life has taken a busy spin for me and I have barely any time to myself sometimes. However, I promised myself I would post something soon and well, here I am.

I had previously done a post on old school dating, however I feel like dating isn’t the only old school aspect we need to bring back. There are several other things that I could talk about in terms of being old school, however in this post I want to focus on old school mannerism.

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Helpful hand
This can include holding the door open to someone, helping someone pick things up from the floor that they may have dropped, or even help someone move things. Little things that can make a difference, and it’s these little things that make someones day. To know not everyone is going to stand there and laugh, and not everyone is cocooned in their own world so much so they don’t care for others at all. The world is becoming so focused on caring about ”me, myself and I” that it’s losing it’s values towards others and in turn the world is slowly becoming bitter.

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This can come in many ways, for example in a conversation you don’t interrupt, you allow the other person to finish their point and then put yours across. But interrupting it just makes the other person feel like they aren’t being heard, and in turn it can make the person not want to talk. A society where people find it difficult to talk, why do you think that may be? Conversations isn’t the only aspect, it can be through offering a drink or holding the door open, or anything similar. It’s just simple things that can make a difference in the long run.

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Please and thank you
This can go hand-in-hand with politeness, but I felt it deserved it’s own section. I feel like over the years people are using these simple words less and less. These simple words can sometimes make a difference to someone, and also help make someone feel appreciated. I don’t know about others, but I have always had it instilled in me to say please and thank you regardless of how big the task at hand was, whether it be just to give a glass of water or just holding the door, say please and thank you!

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This is one that grates on me because in this current society it is always  ” I only give respect towards that respect me ” – Well how are you to expect respect if you don’t give it in return? They may have the same thinking and so they won’t respect you and because of that you won’t respect them. It’s a vicious cycle, that can be endless throughout society. Therefore, why not just be respectful to everyone unless they give you a reason not to? I have always been told to avoid conflict unless absolutely necessary, to be respectful always as it’s actions that speak louder than words. The question is what is respect? Respect is acknowledging peoples values and beliefs and respecting it enough not to interfere in it. Respect is acknowledging the people on the bus that may have had a long, hard day at work and not making a huge amount of noise on the bus so to allow them some peace. Respect can be in many manners, it’s focusing on your behaviour and determining how it can affect others.

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Big, big one this is! People just aren’t grateful enough these days. I am just as guilty as the next person, but we can better this as a society. We have been programmed over the years so much by the media that we forget to appreciate the little things around us. Your mum changed your bedding? Say thank you and be grateful she did it for you even when she probably had hundreds of other things to do. Your parents couldn’t afford to buy you the new phone? Well, they gave you life, love and care, so appreciate the gift they have given you now. Obviously, there are a few exceptions to these examples, but it’s to show the little things you can be grateful for and respect those around you. Not even people, respecting nature around you. Just being grateful to be alive.

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Okay! I think I am done ranting. Brilliant first post after months, right? Please do comment to say what you guys may also feel should be brought back and followed more.