Have you ever… seen John Wick?

Have you ever is a look back at anything you might have missed from the pop culture world.

John Wick is one of those films that I really hope has an enormous effect on the movie industry. Not because the plot is spectacular or the fight scenes are fantastic (which they are but every film has good fight scenes nowadays) but because of the way the fight scenes are filmed. The current trend, in your Takens and your Jason Bournes, involves 10 different camera angles rapidly switching throughout the entire fight so you never really know what is being done but you know it’s frantic as hell.

Taken fight Source: https://giphy.com

I mean just look at that. You can barely work out what’s happening and as someone who tends to enjoy the fights the most of any part of the film, that is very frustrating to me. What’s the point of including it if you can’t see what is being done? You may as well skip it and Mr Taken (I forget his name but I am pretty sure it’s that) tells us “Oh yeah I had a fight on the way here, I won”.

John Wick is a breath of fresh air with its long continuous camera shots following the main character around as he fights his way through seemingly endless hordes of hitmen and bodyguards. It gives the fights a much more real feel because you see everything happening and you see every attack before it happens. It really makes it feel like each fight has actual weight behind it.

John Wick fight source: https://giphy.com

The allure behind the film doesn’t stop there however. John is a retired hitman forced to re-enter the world of badass hitmannery and it gives the viewer a chance to see this underground criminal syndicate known based out of the Continental hotel. More akin to, as much as I hate it, the Assassins Brotherhood out of Assassin’s Creed than any criminal gang seen before, strict rules govern what the hitmen can and can’t do. It’s so refreshing to see an original IP come out and be brave enough to introduce brand new lore in a world of cookie-cutter Marvel films being regurgitated every year (I’m sorry to all the other writers of Quixotic – I’m very much the minority here with that opinion!).

I don’t want to talk more about the plot because it’s worth watching. But, just know, it’s got great fight scenes, a great set of villains and a great atmosphere. I might need to update my thesaurus. This one isn’t so great anymore.

Let us know what you think! If you’ve already seen John Wick, why not check out these other good fight scene films?

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