The Body Shop; Moringa Bath Bubble

Okay so it’s been a while since I’ve been in The Body Shop but, my mum loves it in there, so on a trip into town I ventured back in.

Firstly, most of the stuff is still the same and well I’ve had enough Christmas gift sets from there to be sick of the stuff over my lifetime, but these caught my eye! Teeny tiny bath-bombs! I mean, could I resist buying one of each?! Of course not!

Now, I’ve been deciding since I saw them which would be my first bath time treat, and the yellow one smelt the best through the packet so here goes… whatcha got for me Moringa Bath Bubble?!

Smell 👌

Okay so maybe this wasn’t the most overwhelming smell of them all when it hit the water but for the size of the bathbomb, it’s mighty AF! Albeit a little repetitive after ages in the bath but at least it held its smell!

Value for money 👍

Although it looks super small, it’s actually worth it’s spend, baring in mind my normal bath costs me around the £4 mark… this £1.50 Bubble was a no brainer!

Wow factor 👎

First thoughts on this, really is it’s nothing to write home about, the smell is great but there wasn’t much colour or bubbles? Not really what the lady in the shop said would happen… then it hit me, yellow. I picked the yellow one first which really probably wasn’t a good starting place when I was looking to see the actual product in full swing.

Everything else ✌️

Alrighty, so I think I like these teeny tabs, but I think they’ve got a lot to live up to! But my skin is soft, I’ve learnt a bit more about Moringa and what it actually is and I’ve tried new products that aren’t in the LUSH loop that I’ve fallen into!

For the price cheaper than my bus ticket, deffo worth a try!

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