Wondrous Words Of Inspiration

Recently I decided I wanted to explore a new hobby, I’d always loved art but could never draw and I know they say “Practice makes perfect” but when you can’t even draw a convincing stick man (and although I’m Ace at Pictionary) you have to think drawing is just not meant to be.

Hand lettering is completely different from calligraphy which is mostly true, as in hand letting not only do you have more creative freedom but there also a range of styles. The paper is yours to create as soon as that pencil first hits the page and you not everything has to link up.

The only book recommendation I have so far (which I feel is worth including because it is also filled with inspiration from the first page) is;

Hand Lettering Handbook by Thy Dean Graves

There are thousands of accounts out there and what better way to learn and draw inspiration from those who do it better to a large audience. So here are a few Instagram accounts I think you are worth a follow;

1. Joëlle Burghout – simple but cute style will just have you smiling through this feed.

2. Kirsty Willetts – with an engaging community and creative ideas, it a feed that’s full of colour.

3. Alexis Lampley – It’s a feed that always has a different style and idea to showcase. Like writing on gingerbread house, I just think is really inventive.

4. AllWriteByMe – usually short and sweet ranging between 1-5 words per post. Using both technology and a range of pens to his disposal.

5. Nicole – new to the craft but already showing skill, you not only get to see the bursts of inspiration but you also get to follow her and feel like you’re getting better together (a bit cheesy and might be just me, but certainly worth a look.).

And finally remember if you want a mix of inspiration then follow #handlettering for a diverse range of styles, from to novice to expert.

And if that wasn’t enough then you can always have a peek at things I’ve been working on. As you can see sometimes less is more.

Happy writing!