What Is Disneybounding?

I’m a little late in this game, but I was watching a video earlier and I came across the phrase “Disneybounding” which I’d never ever heard of, but apparently it’s a really big thing! I can totally see why, if I had more confidence it’s something I’d do everyday.


So you don’t know what Disneybounding is? 

Like I said, neither did I. But it’s basically dressing like a Disney character but not at the same time. So not cosplay or costuming, but something that can in a way be hidden in plain sight. Kinda makes you a diamond in the rough when you look at it from a distance. So you wear normal everyday clothes, but you style your outfit based on a Disney character. I love this concept.

Who does this Disneybounding?

Anyone and everyone can Disneybound! It’s so simple, you may already be doing it and you didn’t even know! It can be from wearing a simple necklace, such as a shell shaped one similar to Ursula’s in The Little mermaid, so going full out like this Genie from Aladdin inspo!

Here are a few of my favourites! 

Source: Smosh



Source: Pinterest 

And finally my all time fave: Pascal!!


Source: Pintrest