Crunchyroll Anime Awards – How I’m voting Part 1

So, Crunchyroll’s anime awards voting has now closed and despite not watching everything this season, based on what’s available I thought I’d give my pick for each category and why I’m making that pick. There are 17 categories all with a slew of options so I’m going to get straight into this and work from the bottom up. I’m also going to simply say which is my pick and why so if you want to view all the contestents please head over to

If there’s a category where I’ve seen none of the contenders then I will not be talking about that category. Categories I don’t know about are Best Manga, Best Continuing Series and Best Ending

All votes are personal opinion and deep bias for My Hero Academia

Best Villain – Stain from My Hero Academia

Stain was fantastic, his work as a villain simply blew me away as I watched him completely dissessemblethe My Hero Academia worlds hero ideology with harsh truths. Stain maybe a villain to the society of the MHA world but as twisted as his heart is he definitely has a hero somewhere within.

Stain's_bloodlust.gif Source: My Hero Academia Wikia

Best Hero – Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Deku is truely one for all. Throughout season 2 we’ve seen him grow to use his querk in new ways not even he concieved, we’ve watched him put the mental wellbeing of a classmate over victory and we’ve even seen him take on a villain unlawfully to protect a friend. Deku is a hero and I look forward to seeing him become the greatest.

giphy-downsized.gif Source: Giphy

Best Girl – Chise Hatori from The Aincent Magus’ Bride

Yes,  a non MHA vote from me and in a category with TWO MHA votes and that’s because Chise from The Aincent Magus’ Bride is simply an endeering character. Seeing her learn of the world of magic has been such a sweet journey this season.

giphy-downsized Source: Giphy

Best Boy – Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia

Okay, yes, I’ll admit I’m a little hyped up on My Hero Academia but not without good reason and Todoroki definitely deserves this. His evoloution as a character this season was incredible, watching him go from completely rejecting his fathers powers to using them as a first hit at the end is simply fantastic.

200w_d Source: Giphy

Best Slice of Life – Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest was honestly just a heart warming series with such an earnest feel to all it’s characters and stories I couldn’t help my self but get invested in Yoshino and her crew as they went about saving the town of Manoyama.

giphy-downsized Source: Giphy

Best Comedy – Tsuredure Children

This category was SO hard for me to pick because gosh darn was Gamers! a fantastic anime with so many gaming references and discussions packed in and you think it’d be a no brainer for me to pick that but alas Tsuredure children came along with it’s 12 minute episodes of adorable high school romantic comedy and made my day every time. This came honestly down to what had me cracked up more often and Tsuredure children just gets it.

giphy-downsized.gif Source: Giphy

Best Drama – The Aincent Magus Bride

The Aincent Magus Bride was just so interesting, with it’s european magic and folk lore it was a refreshing take and the dramatic stakes were always well poised especially with us following Chise as she learned about this mysterious world.

giphy-downsized.gif Source: Giphy

Alas we have run out of time so I will be sharing my anime picks from The Anime Awards soon!. Thanks again and remember to tweet us on twitter.