Top 10 Valentine’s Screen Picks

Valentines day is one great day filled with romance and hopeless romantic gestures, such included are watching films with your significant other. The mood killer is when you sit through the Netflix catalog debating what to watch. So here are some of my top 10 picks to avoid that awkward situation and you can cuddle in each other arms.


Pokémon the first Pokemon movie

Everyone embraces their inner-child and there isn’t an adult child I know that doesn’t love Pokémon. Especially when McDonald’s sell them as toys for Happy Meals. Mewtwo was my first and all time favourite Pokémon movie, best to snuggle up and watch this one with tissues at the ready


This is almost an aphrodisiac, it’s obvious why when you see it. The perfect film for date night, snuggle up with a fluffy unicorn. Filled with Ryan Reynolds, budget cuts and a taxi full of guns

The Intern

Such a feel good film, perfect for any occasion. Inspiring and uplifting. Grab a warm hot chocolate to tackle the cold weather. Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro take on age and the modern office.

LaLa Land

Dance your troubles away, me and my other half watched this and we ended up dancing round the city all the way back to my house. Grab some wine and food as Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have a romance that makes your heart flutter and your eyes weep.


Disney is the perfect combination of animation, music and useful memes later on usually caused by catchy songs. In this film tag along with Dwyane The Rock Johnson and Auli’i Cravalho as they ride the waves in order to save everything.

Thor Ragnarok 

In my opinion it’s the best Marvel film by far, who wouldn’t want to watch Asgard save itself with the good help of Korg (one of the best characters of the movie).



The Good Place

The good place is a series with two seasons, now available on Netflix, Eleanor gets set to ‘The Good Place’ and it’s a better going in eyes closed because the rest is an adventure. It’s funny, interesting and will have you caring about the character 5 minutes in. One that both male and females will like just as much.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

I can promise that there is no show like this currently. It is a funny Sit-Com where the characters themselves bring the series to life. There are currently three seasons on Netflix.

The Flash

There had to be one geek related thing on this list, it came close to this and Supergirl as both are excellent TV shows dealing with both light and hard issues. Certainly not going to be binged in one night.


The last one on my list is Riverdale, again there were two contenders Scream was the other. The reason that wasn’t picked is mainly because Riverdale is consistency great rather than Scream which is going to be uncertain this new season. Just one word ‘watch’, this is perfect for everyone murder, mystery and great writing.