LUSH: Love Boat Bomb

Okay so in case you don’t already know I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. However, I can really appreciate all these Cupid inspired cosmetics! Unfortunately I have only the one to share with you guys, but it’s a gorgeous one at that!

I present; the LUSH cosmetics Love Boat Bath Bomb!

Now, when I was in the store with my friend, Emily, I didn’t actually intend on buying anything (always intent, never ever the outcome) but the very good rep convinced us both to buy something! Mine being this Love Boat! Probably one of the only things not to be lavender, rose or flowery scented at the moment! My biggest peeve at this time of year!

But this cosy little boat smells fruity and has citrus undertones which isn’t really something I’ve tried before and I can honestly say it was so relaxing!

Design wise I really like the shape of this bathbomb because it’s not the usual rounded ball that seems to be all I ever see at the moment, similar to my favourite LUSH bomb Rocket Science 🚀 it’s something a little out of the box! I especially liked the little detail of the tiny hearts that graced the bottom of the boat! Super cute! (a few fell off before the bath in the bath but I just tipped them in 😂)

Colour is super important to me when it comes to baths because I’m a sucker for a rich bath colour, I know it doesn’t really add to the bath but as a creative its something that’s a must! Now, I really don’t like this almost luminous pink that keeps cropping up on LUSH products, it reminds me of really bad dip dye and i think it looks a lil trashy so I tried to get one with a subtle colour on the outside, and when this happened in the bath I kinda freaked a little!

So much chavvy pink! But when it faded and mixed with the blues and yellows it was actually a really nice colour (the photo looks a little brown rather than the deep purple it actually is, but I promise it was gorgeous! And glittery!) panic over! Over all I think I would buy this again but I’m in no rush, everything about it visually minus the neon pink I loved, but the smell was a bit too subtle for me, it was great at first but slowly it sailed away and was completely gone when the ship sailed down the plug hole!

Bon Voyage! 🚤⚓️❤️