6 Reasons Valentines Day Is A No Go For Me

I know there’s a lot of people that will say “Oh it’s only a bit of fun, get over yourself Sam and live a little” but I really dislike Valentines day and I don’t even have the “I’m single I’m allowed to be like this” excuse as I’ve been with my boyfriend for what feels like forever and it’s not a case of being sick to my stomach at the sight of love and romance, it’s just something about valentines day that is a real nope for me. I’ve tried my hardest to sum up what it is exactly I don’t like about Feb 14th, so here we go:

1, Everywhere is busy!

Now, I don’t know about you and your S/O but we tend to go for food a fair amount, probably too much really. But anytime around the 14th of February is awful for getting a seat anywhere. Which, when my boyfriend and I are planning to see Black Panther on the 13th…

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2, It’s literally just another day!

Sorry in advance for any kind of mushy sh*t you’re about to hear but my boyfriend and I tell each other we love each other everyday, why should Valentine’s day be any different or special? For me celebrating love and relationships on this day feels so forced.


3, It’s everywhere!

Okay not so much the PDA but theres cards and gifts everywhere, even in shops that aren’t your generic card or gift shops. The worst gifts too, yesterday I saw an avocado thing. I don’t even know what it was but it was a thing. Like a fuzzy, felty ornament that had a heart on it… hmm.

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4, Money, money, money…

Sorry, since when has valentine’s day been about getting each other hundreds of pounds worth of gifts? Especially when Christmas is still lingering around my house in the form of chocolates… V. OTT if you ask me.


5, “Boy did good”

Don’t even get me started on this phrase… and the Instagram posts of gifts mentioned above to accompany it… Your boyfriend got you something you like? Tell them!


6, Far too many bad vibes!

My final and most important reason for disliking Valentines day is how it makes people feel if they’re not in a relationship. I’ve been that person, I know how awful it feels to see couples around you sharing photos and even if you’re in the most independent state ever, it does make you feel a little down, and I don’t think that’s all too fair but hey, all fun and games right?

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Having said all of this, I do hope everyone has a brilliant day tomorrow, whether you’re in a relationship or not!



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