Long Distance Valentine’s Ideas

Long distance is one of the harder relationships, but worth it if you both put the effort in by talking and spending time together. Unfortunately it happens and sometimes dates will clash which will mean you can’t both spend this holiday together in person, but there are other ways around this that make you feel close too. Here are some ideas to feel closer to that special someone.

Skype/ video call

Best way to be together is digitally, talk and just act like you would together usually with the magic of a screen it’ll be like there’s hardly any distance between you. Whether this is light-hearted insults, asking about their day or doing one of the below at the same time.

Source; http://bit.ly/2Ea0tbJ

Play games

Random question – a great game to play to get to know someone. You ask someone a completely random question like “what would you name your future cat?”, then you both answer and take turns in asking questions. A good way to start an interesting conversation.

Truth or dare – could work but instead you could do statuses, pictures online or something where the other person can see the result. And truth would be easy.

Source; http://bit.ly/2BlzMT9

Watch a movie or TV Series

It can be great to bond over a terrible movie and a great one. Watch a classic or that new movie you’ve been dying to see, whatever the genre. Valentines isn’t limited to romcoms, it’s limited to what you’re both in the mood for. This is also something me and my partner do, we then discuss or call afterwards to discuss what we’ve just watched, this is usually with comics.

Source; http://bit.ly/2BQOmTm

Read together

Book clubs are a great way people meet up and just discuss, so why not take that idea and read a book. You could read it on the phone to each other and just listen or read it before the call and just talk about what you thought. This one is perfect for those who prefer books to screen.

Source; http://bit.ly/2EQLc0z

Play digital games

Feeling like a winner is a great thing and who better to hold it over than your significant other (or that might be just me…). Anyway another way to feel close is to play a game online whilst talking to them whether it’s ‘Words with Friends’, a game on Steam (there are plenty to choose from) like ‘Gary’s Mod’ where you can laugh as you pretend to be a runaway banana spurting music as you flee the scene. If you fancy something less PG there’s always the online equivalent to Cards Against Humanity

Source; http://bit.ly/2siNUJE

Laugh as you select cards you probably shouldn’t, then in some cases you might not want to be with them as you snicker horribly, cry at films and just feel close to your other half. Just because there’s distance between you doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to spend this day, or any other day together. 

Do you agree with my choices? Have some of your own or celebrating your day another way let us know below or via Twitter; 

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