My Top 5 Anime BGM

Hello, I’m feeling very musical this week and so I’m going to be listing off my top 5 pieces of music from anime, these pieces of music specifically are my top 10 background pieces of music, selected from OST’s. Some of these are addictive, some are mystical, some are just good beats and some are mesmerizing.

To avoid putting my sheer love for certain composers and series on display I’m going to make a one composer/one show rule for myself.

Oh, major spoiler warnings for a bunch of shows.

(5) Bucks Thieves (Fairy Tail: Pheonix Preistess)

Composed by Yasuharu Takanashii

Fairy Tail is trash, fight me. But seriously the series contains a huge amount of unnesesary fanservice, the story is the same story in a loop and the characters have very little evoloution across the series so that the same gags can be replayed on repat like a broken record. It’s just not good. So, why is it that it’s here? Well because the music is fantastic. Say what you want about the series (I already have) but the music is stella and honestly the whole thing could fill this list. But I have to pick one and I pick Bucks Thieves from the first fil because it managed to perfectly engage with the series long running theme song but still remain interesting and exciting. Not only this but in different parts (suiting to the action on screen) the music altered slightly to feel reminicsent of various character themes and quite frankly that was fantastic, it bought the scene to life but kept it feeling conciece and in the same moment. (Also the slow demise of Happy in this film is genuinely funny, I don’t often credit Fairy Tail humour but that was so well executed).

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(4) The Master (Code Geass)

Composed by Koutorou Nakagawa & Hitomi Kuroishi


“Obey me subjects, Obey me world.” Code Geass is a legend within anime for it’s good story, fantastic lore and amazing characters. However this theme especially from the second season of the show is something I still remember to this day. The moment when Lelouch took the world could not have cemented as well as it was without the theme that honestly in my mind rivals The Imperial March.

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(3) You Say Run (My Hero Academia

Composed by Yuki Hayashi

I need to stop, I need to stop talking about My Hero Academia, but then I write a piece on my faviroute music and I couldn’t write this without talking about the amazing You Say Run from this show, I remember and have repeatively watched the fight of All-Might vs Nomu and when this theme hit, oh boy did it hit and then there’s it’s big brother “Jet Set Run” from the second season and boy howdy whilst the Midoriya vs Todoroki fight would have still been epic, this theme made it something special. I’ve watched a couple of Hayashi-san’s other works such as Death Parade, Kiznaiver and Soul Eater Not! but let me tell you that his work for the My Hero Academia series is something above the rest and I look forward to hearing move of it next season.

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(2) Magia (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Composed by Yuki Kajiura

Madoka is honestly a work of art. From the visuals to the fantastically written story all the way down to the voice acting, Madoka is art and the fantastic composing of Kajiura-san cemented it even further. I’ve enjoyed her work over the years from her fantastic work in Fate/Zero to being literally one of the only things I can still objectively say is good in Sword Art Online (seriously, her work here is fantastic) but honestly Magia will allways have that place in my heart, it chilled me to the bone whilst still remaining epic. Similar to spot number 1 on this list Kajiura-san’s work is noticable, I can always tell when it is her and her style that has been placed into a series but that never has made her work predictable. It always feels right and it always feels fantastic.

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(1) MKAlieZ (Aldnoah.Zero)

Composed by Hiroyuki Sawano

Honestly, Sawano-san was always going to hit the top of this list, his music is always epic and fantastic. Having worked on noteable anime such as Attack on Titan, Guilty Crown and the recent Re:Creators he’s a master of music, even working on games such as Xenoblade Chronicles X. His music can only be described as cinematic and honestly in any other scenario Aldnoah.Zero would not be hitting a top 5 list of mine, whilst I enjoyed the series I can appreciate a lot of it’s faults and failings, however MKAlieZ was honstly the first piece of Sawano-san’s music that I genuinely listened to and was like “Oh. My. God.”  the music is a masterpiece of hype work and every time I listen to it I find myself moving my legs to it’s beat and that’s before the vocals hit you. The music is a force to be reckoned with and honestly for most of the anime he’s worked on, it makes most of the action scenes. Woooooooah.

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I recommend going to listen to most of this music, I especially recommend listening to some of it in context to it’s shows such as a scene where it’s present as themes like Bucks Thieves REALLY shine when they’re in context! None the less I hope I’ve given you some food for thought and remember to tweet us!