Is your pet your Valentine this year?

Valentine’s Day: a day of love and affection for many people around the world. Some people spend it with their partner, some people spend it alone and, in a study by DogVacay, more that 75% of people would rather snuggle with their pet than with their significant other.

Instead of moping around on your sofa with Fido, watching Love Actually and seasoning popcorn with your tears, here’s why your pet will make the best Valentine you’ll ever have.

They don’t want an expensive Dinner-Date

Imagine: you’re on a date at some fancy restaurant that required a reservation weeks ago. The waiter comes over with a wine menu and your date decides for you and — just like that — you’re already off to a crappy start because they chose the most expensive bottle and you don’t even like red wine. They better be paying.


As your date blabbers on about themselves for the next hour, you start to daydream about Fido at home and you hope he’s enjoying what you left on TV for him. You think about how, at the end of this, you’ll have to split the bill evenly even though you only ordered a salad — because if you got the burger that you really wanted you’re afraid your date would completely judge you when you get sauce all round your mouth and dripping down your hands.


You think about how if you’d stayed at home watching Eastenders you’d be saving a lot of money. You’d also get to drink a nice cold beer, order pizza and stay in your pyjamas, rather than spend the whole evening trying to cover up the fact you got salad dressing on the new outfit you were going to return after the date. 

On top of all of this, at the end of the date you’ll give them your number and your date will say: “I’ll call you” and you completely know they’re not going to call you.

Enter: Misery.

But! You know who won’t break your heart and would call you back if they had opposable thumbs? Your pet!


Your pet won’t get bored of your stories about that mystery person who keeps stealing your lunch at work, nor will they judge you when you get food down your shirt — they’ll just help you clean it up!

Spending Valentine’s evening with your pet doesn’t have to just be like any other old night (unless you want it to be). Why not spice it up by cooking a special meal that they wouldn’t usually get, and snuggling up to Marley & Me with a glass of Pinot Meow

They won’t ask you to share dessert

If you’re anything like me, you think dessert is better than the main meal (if you disagree you’re wrong). I find it weird when people want to share a dessert with a total stranger on a first date. Where did the idea that food sharing is intimate come from?  If you steal my dessert, your dessert is going to be a knuckle sandwich.


If you’re out with your significant other they should know you well enough by now to know that you’re not the “dessert sharing” type of person and you don’t find it romantic. If they don’t understand — why are you still with them?

If you decide to spend the day or evening with your pet, thankfully for you, most animals can’t eat the majority of “human” desserts, so stuff your face to your heart’s delight. Heck, you could just eat dessert for the whole 3 courses — Its Valentine’s Day, treat yo’self!

Source: Buzzfeed

There’s no “awkward kiss” at the end of the date

We’ve all been there: that part of the evening where one person thinks it’s gone better than the other, so they brave it and go in for a smooch. The other person quickly turns their head away and you get a nice romantic kiss on the ear.

Source: YouTube

Getting a kiss from your dog, or cat, or bunny is another story. You know they just love you and they don’t have any hidden (or not so hidden) agendas. The first time I gave my bunny Apollo a smooch on the head he didn’t get weird about it and a few weeks later, even returned the gesture with a classy lick to the nose.

Plus, dog slobber is cute. Human slobber… not so much.

There’s no painful small talk


So, if you didn’t already know: animals don’t speak human (at least not the ones i’ve met anyway). This is both a great thing and a sad thing; I’ve always wanted to know what Apollo thinks when I’ve made him kick “dirt” at me, or if he’s laughing at me when he pees on my bed. On the other hand, you don’t have to have any awkward small talk whenever you hang out – there are only so many times you can talk about the weather, am I right?

When they follow you around it’s cute

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Pretty much everyone finds it cute when their pet follows them around the house, or when they want to spend every waking moment with you.

It’s a totally different story when your date starts following you around at all hours of the day (you should probably get a restraining order).


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Lydia & Apollo
Lydia & Apollo