Have You Ever Listened To…Möngöl Hörde?

Those familiar with England’s very own troubadour; Frank Turner will know of his musical roots and how they started back in the hardcore punk scene, way back in the early 2000s with band; Million Dead. However, since their split in 2005, Turner then turned to acoustic folk and has toured relentlessly since, releasing six albums in the process.

Back in 2012, Turner announced that he was going to be starting a side project that would allow him to get back in touch with his hardcore roots. Enter Möngöl Hörde. A hardcore three piece band from London. Their music is definitely not as serious as Turner’s solo efforts, but each song on their self titled album regains the spirit of hardcore punk music and its great to have an insight as to how Turner began his musical career.

The music they deliver certainly has a punch to it, full of thunderous drumming and fierce guitar riffs, it really helps the band excel in a live format. Especially with Turner’s raw and determined vocals. All of them combined makes for a great live show from the band. Their music is fast, its aggressive and has a terrific bounce to it, it is sure to whip audiences up into a sweaty chaotic frenzy with many mosh pits guaranteed throughout the night.

Möngöl Hörde will not be everybody’s cup of tea. But if its a genre that you like, then you’re sure to have fun when listening to their self titled debut album. It clocks in at thirty five minutes, but to me, that is thirty five minutes of fun that you will have. While the album is good, there are definitely some highlights with the songs; Make Way, Stillborn Unicorn, How The Communists Ruined Christmas, Blistering Blue Barnacles and Hey Judas that are all strong entries into a small discography that is sure to grow. If you’re looking for a band that are heavy, chaotic and most of all fun, then its time to Make Way, because Möngöl Hörde are the band for you.


Vocals- Frank Turner

Guitar- Matt Nasir

Drums- Ben Dawson