Nintendo’s Tri-force of news!

I woke up this morning, like any other day expecting nothing new and what I instead woke up to was three pieces of exciting Nintendo news, Happy February! Today I’m going to go through the news and give you my brief opinion on what’s going on.

Super Mario Movie

This isn’ a joke, or a meme. Nintendo are partnering with Illumination (The minions studio) on a Super Mario Movie. Now, I hate the Minions as much as any rational adult but it can’t be denied taht Illumination know what they’re doing when it comes to CG films. Apparently Mr Miyamoto himself will be working directly on this and also Nintendo will be heavily involved. Let’s hope we finally get the Super Mario Movie we’ve been waiting for.


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Mario Kart Tour

We’ve had Mario on mobile before and we’ve even had Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. With the end of Miitomo in May this year I was expecting a new app to be announced and we have it! Mario Kart Tour will be a new mobile experience in the Mario Kart series .


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Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online now has a release month confirmed of September this year. For those unaware NSO is Nintendo’s paid online service that will give people access to downloadable NES and SNES games per month with online enhancements. Following this date however you will also need to pay for Nintendo Switch Online gaming but the price is fairly reasonable with the yearly cost being $20 a year as opposed to the over double costs of Sony and Microsoft.


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That’s all from me today but I hope everyone is excited for this brand new and exciting news!