15 reasons you need to visit New York right this second!

I’m pretty sure every person I know, knows I’ve just returned from almost a week in New York and am experiencing super bad holiday blues. *Insert cries here*

In the city that never ever sleeps (believe me, it doesn’t!) it’s hard to specifically pin point what the highlight of New York City actually is, because there’s so much to do!

But I’ve picked a few of my favourite things that I did whilst I was away to give you a couple of suggestions if you’re thinking of exploring the big Apple.

1, Broadway

Okay so maybe I did have a favourite thing that I did when we were away, I’m a theatre geek and being at the centre of musical heaven really did make me feel things I’ve never felt before. Nothing compares to being at a broadway show, I’m sorry London but you’ve got a long way to go before you are on par with NYC.

2, Central Park

So everything really from now doesn’t have an order, but Central Park in itself is beautiful, even in the freezing cold! Snow in Central Park too is so effortless to look at, and you’re never alone with all those squirrels running about the place! It’s strange to think in such a huge city that’s so busy and loud there’s somewhere so peaceful in the heart of it.

3, Times Square

It’s busy, but it’s brilliant.

4, Ground ZeroThe 9/11 memorial is something that I’ve always wanted to go to, and before I got there I never quite realised how much emotion I could feel for people I had never met. If you only do one thing in New York, visit Ground Zero.

5, Nintendo NYC!

Okay so this won’t appeal to everyone but it’s certainly on my favourite spots list, two floors of complete nerdiness and well, just awesomeness! It’s a pain to find but it’s so worth it if you love games and Pokemon!

6, food!

We ate so much food whilst we were away, granted not as much as we expected but enough to balance out all those steps we took everyday and all those subway stairs we climbed! From Garlic knots stuffed with chicken and bacon, to corndogs to giant ice creams (yes it was winter and snowing but there’s always time for ice-cream!) – we personally recommend eating at Bleeker street pizza! It’s the best pizza I’ve ever had! (Also Crifdog and Big Gay Ice Cream!)

7, Central Park Zoo

How gorgeous are Betty and Veronica! Central Park Zoo’s grizzly queens! Along with some other amazing animals in the core of the big Apple! 100% worth the $12 entry fee… + more!

8, Brooklyn Bridge

A lot of my time in New York was spent fairly high in the air, but that’s the best way to see this incredible city! Take a subway to Brooklyn and walk back to Manhattan over Brooklyn Bridge, just don’t look down through the gaps to the cars zooming past your feet!

9, The Statue of Liberty 🗽

There’s nothing more iconic in New York than the lady liberty herself, the staff inside are full of knowledge and you can learn so much from them. If you’re feeling brave you can also climb the stairs to her crown for only $3 more! But book your tickets in advance as only a limited number a day are allowed to the top.

10, Madison Square Gardens!

Last year my boyfriend and I went to NBA London to watch the Nuggets beat the Pacers, but nothing is like watching a team play on their own court. The thrill of a basketball game is so different to any other sport it’s something that has to be on your NYC bucket list!

11, NBA Store

Okay so this won’t be on everyone’s list but it’s certainly on mine, it’s actually one of my favourite places to go, my bank account doesn’t quite think so but hey! This three level store is full of so much basketball stuff it’s amazing! Sports fans? I deffo recommend! 5th Avenue it’s self is pretty iconic itself too! So if basketball isn’t your thing, there’s bound to be somewhere along the ave for you!

12, Rockefeller centre

As far as tall buildings go, the rock is pretty sweet! Personally I loved the architecture of the building and its square below, but there’s some other cool stuff here too, shopping once again!

13, Grand Central station

Although we didn’t catch a train from here, the station itself is beautiful! And there’s some quirky af shops here too!

14, The Empire State

I’m terrified of heights and the first day we were there, this was one of my views. At this point, on top of the Empire State Building, I fell in love with New York.

Finally, 15, Those tacky gifts shops

Although probably overpriced and tacky af, we couldn’t stop ourselves going in almost everyone we saw!

I hope this has opened your eyes to the wonders of New York! I know writing it has made me miss the city more than ever! Until the next time 🗽❤️