(Deep voice over) “Previously in Tonicha’s life she started an internship and has been tracking this journey over the course of a week, which will be coming to an end on the 2nd of February. So far she’s tackled moving in, dealing with large crowds when shopping, completing tasks too fast and more…”

That’s how they start things that have had a bit of a break isn’t it? Even though my life isn’t a TV series I like to think of this as just that, your non regularly scheduled programming here for a month and before you know it gone and replaced with something else.

Well now that I’ve started there’s something to be said about being in an office, especially one such as this one. Everyone is supportive and wants to know what you’ve been up to but not for the sake of out to get you, but because they genuinely want to see you well and that you’re healthy and happy. I just hope that next month, or a little ways down the road I will be in the same caring environment that’s just as supportive as this one. With a new challenge facing me everyday.

For those that want to follow my journey on further…;




Until tomorrow that is all for now. Hope you have a good day today.