Nintendo Labo

Ever wanted to make a DIY racing car or a fihsing rod? Maybe a motorbike or a piano? Or even a robot! Well now you can thanks to Nintendo Switch.

Source: YouTube

Oh? You thought this was a game? Well let me talk to you about Nintendo Labo.

Nintendo Labo is a DIY tool kit that uses Nintendo Switch and JoyCons as the brains behind the operation for your creation in Nintendo Labo. Create your own cardboard toys with your child or young family member (or for yourself) with the Nintendo Labo set.

Source: YouTube

Personally I think this sounds like a pretty fun experience. Being able to create custom toys on the fly with young family members is gonna be a blast at events and be a very creative experience. The rc car or the Piano in particular looks very exciting and a fun and fresh experience.

Source: YouTube

However, this new announcement isn’t without it’s concerns. The first being that Nintendo Labo isn’t exactly cheap with the US Nintendo Site calling it in around $70 which does raise some concerns on the price vs the enjoyment factor of Nintendo Labo.

Source: YouTube

However the fact it uses the JoyCon and the Switch as it’s brain and function is pretty awesome, Nintendo Labo could be better though. It’s currently implied that customisation is limited with what it comes with, so if this was to allow community content to be added to the game, I think that’d be an awesome addition to the product. Be sure to check out the trailer below!

So yeah that’s Nintendo Labo, pretty rad announcement even if it’s a little pricey, I hope it has community content or create your own but as that feature was not shown off I sadly doubt it. That’s all from me today, remember to tweet us your thoughts on this!