Moving, Learning and Growing

So my Sunday and my Monday are all rolled into one, given what happened. Just as Sunday’s do I rolled off the sofa and into clothes around 11am and headed for my new place for 1pm, ready to be settled in and ready for the next day.

With a lot of traffic of people and cars, Sunday was a busy day. Lead to high tensions and stress from just the purchase of bedding in Primark. Weaving through the crowd and hectic shoppers in order to sleep seemed like a lot of unwanted effort. And this was much worse when it came to gathering food. Needless to say after this it felt like all my energy had been absorbed by the overpopulated shoppers. Like I was paying my final fee for living in the city.

With my last bit of energy I made my bed and hit the hay to recharge my energy.

When morning came it was time…for the induction day. Filled with tons of incredible people that all want to be there, I can not describe the atmosphere but it was incredible and electric. I was lucky as I knew a lot of the people already and everyone was so warm and friendly. It was a day filled with advice, CV’s and what we should expect from this internship.

Tomorrow is set to be one long day worth every minute that passes by. I really can’t wait to absorb every opportunity that comes way over the course of the next 4 weeks!

For those that want to follow my journey on further…;




Until tomorrow that is all for now. Hope you have a good day today.