A first impression that lasts

It is 12am Monday and I am sat on my bed tired and barely forming sentences. That being said today was incredible and I have never been more happier.

Wow time really does fly, it is now Tuesday and I am sat on my bed after a very long day but a rewarding one. When you work in the PR Department there’s not a lot you can say in terms of avoiding breaching confidentiality but I think (if there is such a thing) I am an office butterfly. I thrive in an office environment.

My office is one with a network of people spanning from one corner of the room to other, everywhere there is a desk, there is a person and role to fit alongside. Like one big  social media puzzle and everywhere you look there are campaigns, posters, assignments all being filled in and filed into the system.

I guess when you’re a student you have such a closed mentality of work and play but you never really see beyond that and if you do it doesn’t last long before you’re brought back to the world of deadlines. Although the one thing that doesn’t change is the lunch time routine of meeting up with people and discussing the actions of the day, almost like a mini news cast towards a certain group of people. Dare I say it I might be more popular now than when I was actually in university studying music. It’s funny how things change so quickly in the blink of an eye or a post.

The other thing beside work that I did that day was reunite with one half of my house at the pub. With drinks of water and good conversation it was one for the memories and the metaphorical scrap books.