Better sooner than later

Day 2 is brought to you by pure and simple British (*cough* we don’t need to go into that) Tea. I’m sat in a costa drinking tea and writing, this seems my favourite place to sit and think. And with tea on tap (metaphorically speaking) there’s really no reason to want to leave. Other than waiting for the world to catch up with me.

The reason; I’m waiting for my day to resume as it has been put on delay due to literal train delays and broken down cars. So here I sit editing yesterday’s video, written word and creating today’s content ready for tomorrow.;

It’s true what they say “Better sooner than later” yet that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of the slow moments for our own personal gain, whether it’s finishing a blog you promised yourself you’d write, or reading that chapter you’ve been dying to read but just not had the time. Sometimes it’s our own choice how we spend that time.

The rest of the day I wasn’t feeling 100% but kept pushing forward through shops and crowds. Watching the dismantled ice rink at the bottom of the new shopping centre where I had seen both adults and children enjoying the lit frozen wonderland, showing signs that it is really is the end of Christmas and more importantly a new year.

I didn’t vlog much then for the simple reason no one wants to see a half willed human trudge from place to place and I didn’t want to be disrespectful to the agent who was showing me the properties.

The House;

The reason I was there was to find “room at the Inn” where I could lay my head after a long day and cook. The only 3 things I really need to be sustained (work, kitchen and a sleeping patch). We looked at 3 houses in total, all lovely for different reasons.

The first; a back garden, a long stretch kitchen, garden and 3 floors. Only one bathroom to share with one as the other 2 bedrooms were equipped with en suites. The bedroom was small, but for a month and for only one person I’ve learned I don’t need the space, and don’t need the half an hour journey to open and shut the door (okay a bit over the top, but it always felt like more effort than needed). Also it’s next door to a pub.

The second; Bigger and more social. The tenants were conscious and friendly. Although in this one, the two bathrooms were shared by everyone and this was a 6 person property, and after living in a 8 person property during uni (although fun because I knew them, with strangers this would be just too much at once).

The third and final; closer to where I needed to be as it was less than 5 minutes away. But with this property being cheaper it came with more issues and I don’t mind the extra exercise as long as it comes with peace of mind. Smaller living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and 6 people again. Although the room had issues I was told before I went in (open and honestly) and they were already in the process of fixing it. This one was less than a minute away from a club rather than a pub.

To conclude today’s chapter of events, I have chosen to go with the first property and will be moving in Sunday (tomorrow)!

For those that want to follow my journey on further…;




Until tomorrow that is all for now. Hope you have a good day today.