5 Games I’m excited for in 2018

Well, here we are! End of 2017, been a rocky road for many but today I’m going to excite you about the games you can be playing next year and the top 5 I think you should be grabbing and games I definitely am!

Please note this list is my personal opinion, I’m also not including games that are rereleases on new consoles

Honorable mentions

So here is a list of games I’m excited for but don’t quite make the cut or are ports/remakes/early access games

  • Bayonetta
  • Bayonetta 2
  • We Happy Few
  • Lost Sphear
  • Final Fantasy XV on PC

5 – Fire Emblem

Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem is coming to Switch and so for the first time since the game on Wii the series is finally hitting the home console (Technically) again and I am very excited. I haven’t hugely followed the Fire Emblem series over the years either but this experience might end up being a nice pick up in my small Fire Emblem collection.


4 – Kingdom Hearts III

PlayStation 4 / Xbox One

Not much needs to be said here, to be honest. Kingdom Hearts is a fantastic and renowned series for its action combat and fantastic gameplay and is definitely a game I’ll be picking up. I haven’t followed the series too closely but I have friends that are more excited about this than they probably will be for their weddings in the future. Kingdom Hearts III will definitely be a magical adventure, more so with the new worlds, we’ve seen including the Toy Story world.


3 – Fe

PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch / Windows PC

Fe is gorgeous. Fe is quite frankly gorgeous. This game looks like a 3D Ori and I am 10000% completely okay with that. The game looks beautiful, quirky and fun. I love action-platformers with cute designs and cute characters and Fe more than solidifies this. I am so excited for this game.

2 – Ni No Kuni II – Revenant Kingdom

PlayStation 4 / Windows PC

So, if you didn’t know, I absolutely and unconditionally adore my action-JRPG series. I have done and will continue to do so in loving their combat and gameplay. The Tales series remains one of my favourite games series and Eternal Sonata one of my favourite single players and look no further than my love for Xenoblade or even as far reaching as Zelda. Ni No Kuni – Wrath of the White Witch was a game I sadly didn’t give a lot of time to, adversely to my love of action JRPG’s, turn-based JRPG’s are games I often find a struggle to get into and very few over the years have won my heart in the same way action games do. When Ni No Kuni II was announced I have to admit I was sceptical after not enjoying the first game too much. However, after seeing the videos and realising this game is about as turn-based as subway station queues I’m hella excited for this game, the action combat looks fun and it has that childlike sense of whimsicality to it that made the first game so alluring. Ni No Kuni II is definitely a game to pick up if you like JRPG’s and the look of Studio Ghibli.

1 – Code Vein

Xbox One / PlayStation 4  / Windows PC

A Bandai-Namco action adventure game with music produced by Go Shiina and anime cutscenes produced by Ufotable. Gameplay that looks like solid action combat and a vampire esque story. Yeah, I’m in. Code Vein upon announcement was a game that intrigued me but now as we’ve seen more than enough trailers I can say I am significantly hyped and excited about this game. I look forward to buckling down and exploring the post-apocalyptic world this game has to offer.

Thank you for reading my top 5 games I’m excited for this year, I hope you game happily this year!