The start of my journey

With 2017 in the past and 2018 in my sights, I’ve decided that over the course of this next month (January) I want to write, vlog and basically capture my experiences.

I am going to take part in an incredible month long internship at my old university. I realise as it’s only a month it will fly, by so I want to capture it to look back on later.

What started with a rushed interview at 6 in the morning, has led to this.

With all 4 of my bags now packed and currently riding the train, I now set off on this unplanned and unpredictable adventure. Anyone that knows me would be saying how I only ever do something if I know what I’m doing, but that’s the funny thing about life, you can’t always calculate and predict. If you’re not ready it will throw you further than before and watch you squeal.

Tonight I am staying on a friends sofa and then tomorrow the house hunting begins…

For those that want to follow my journey on further…;




Until tomorrow that is all for now. Hope you have a good day today.