The Christmas Movie


At Christmas it’s not just about the presents or the food it’s the entertainment. Especially when all the family is gathered round the sofa, asking you to choose the movie.

Now no one wants to pick a bad movie because they will hear about it for the duration of Christmas, not to mention you yourself have to sit through it. But, woah don’t panic I’ve got you covered….here are my Christmas movie top picks.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington is The King of Halloween but he feels as if something is missing. That is until he discovers Christmas land and he decides he wants to The King of Christmas as well

If you want a Christmas film with a bit of a dark edge then this one is perfect for you. With songs and laughter this is great for a mature audience. From the mind of Tim Burtun will have you in awe at this stunning animation.

4. Elf

“As a baby Buddy crawled into Santa’s bag at an orphanage and lands himself an the North Pole with an Elf for a father and a job, but never knew the truth. Until one day he over hears and discovers he’s a human, from there he sets off on a quest to find his father who never knew he existed”.

This film is funny and heart warming. Follow buddy as he convinces everyone of the true meaning of Christmas. It’s perfect for child and adult and if anything it’ll make you want to get on plane straight to New York.

3. Home Alone

When Kevin is left alone, he thinks he finally has a break from his family and starts his own solo holiday. Just like all kids hope, no rules or responsiblity that is until some thrifty robbers try and steal from his family house and Kevin decides to treat them a lesson“.

This is perfect for both young and old, older siblings will rememeber watching this childhood classic and the young can revel in this new found film. Filled with humour and things that will make you go ” he should be dead… okay now he should definitly be dead”. It’s a side splitting classic that will make you want to be just like Kevin.

2. The Holiday

Iris and Amanda are heartbroken, after being thrown away and cheated on they decide to swap houses and in turn swap lives for a few weeks during the buildup to Christmas. A time where no one wants to be alone. Join them as they meet some old faces and new and fall in love all over again”.

One of the best Christmas films with the perfect musical scores, it’s funominal from start to finish. This is film is full of suprises and will leave you in love with the idea of being in love and the characters. Perfect for those RomCom lovers.

1. Arthur Christmas

“Arthur is son of Santa Claus and when a child is forgotten, he decides to risk everything just so this child has their present Christmas morning”. 

The less you know about this film the better, as it’s perfect for everyone and one where it’s impossible to go wrong. Filled with tiny details to make even the most grinchest person smile.

So those are my top picks this Christmas so you can’t go wrong.

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