“It’s the most wonderful ‘tradition’ of the year…”

From crafting, singing. family and presents, we all have our own traditions to make this festive time so unique to us…but just how unique is your tradition. Here we’ll explore the most popular traditions ready for the special day.

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Writing out Christmas cards

The perfect festive excuse to spread the cheer without spreading your bank account. This festive tradition is the best way to show someone you barely know you care, by dropping them a little card to make them feel special this festive season.

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Decorating the tree

I for One don’t do this any more but it’s one of the things I most miss. It’s like dressing up for the perfect party and you feel incomplete without this guy by your side, even if that means they’re a bit squished in the corner of your living room getting over shadowed by the TV.

Plus you can add your own festive touch for example; Some Disney ornaments (usually reduced in The Disney Store by half price on the last week up to Christmas) or some Primark Disney ornaments

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Opening one present the night before

Having to wait until one day is difficult we know, especially when they’re all sitting perfectly under the tree. So what’s one day? I’ve found a lot of people (especially children) have this tradition of being allowed to open one present the night before the big day to insure peace.

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Baking the night before

Getting covered in flour, with the warm smell of baked goods spreading throughout the house just sounds perfect! Some people bake pies with their families, from cakes and biscuits the night before, the perfect home-made treat to welcome Santa into the house and into children’s hearts.

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Writing letters to Santa

From adults to children, when it comes to Ol’ Saint Nick we all get excited. Whether it’s enforcing your own belief or lighting the belief for others. It’s certainly something for this magical time of year that is just fun and is a Christmas wish list that allows everyone to be happy. (As long as you don’t ask for a pony…).

There are plenty of more traditions. Have a different tradition let us know? We want to hear your stories too!

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