12 ‘Games’ of Christmas

So we’ve all heard about ‘The 12 days of Christmas’ filled with two turtle doves and partridge in a pear tree, but nowadays that’s not exactly going to get you excited for Christmas and it’s over within 3 minutes and 52 seconds. So why not try your luck at these games to get the festive spirit flowing.

1. Overcooked (available on Switch, PS4, Xbox One & Steam)

Why not recreate the stress of cooking a christmas dinner with your loved ones, or if you prefer the single kitchen experience go solo! With moving platforms, fires and runaway ingrediants what’s not to love!

2. Kingdom Hearts Series (Nintendo, PS4 & PC)

It might be just me but when i see or hear Disney i think Christmas. The music, animation and that feel good feeling is the best combination to get into the festive spirit. Kingdom hearts is Disney meets Final Fantasy different worlds and action with a rich story that will pull on your heart strings. Soon enough you’ll want your own keyblade.

3. Claybook (PS4, Xbox One & PC)

The trailer doesn’t do this game the justice it deserves, so this playthrough from Nerdcubed is the best present it’s creative, fun, inventive and addictive. You can mold, reshape and make yourself into the most colourful gift!

4. Animal Crossing New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS)

This little game runs on real time and is by far the best game of the franchise. You are mayor of your own town where you can erect monuments and buildings. If you play this game in December it will snow, you can roll snowmen and you even get to play Santa to everyone in the town for your very own ‘Jingle day’.

5. The Sims 4 (PS4, Xbox One & PC)

Want everything to go to plan, control everything to the last detail? Sims 4 is perfect with great graphics and a ton of free will or not it’s your choice. You can even plan your own Festive Celebration and invite all the strangers in the neighbourhood from the goths to any and everyone. After all it’s your party… what could possibly go wrong… (with the Season expansion pack you can even celebrate with real fake snow!)

6. Ducktails Remastered (PC)

Again Disney but all I’ll say if you love the new 2017 animated series on Disney XD you’ll love this remaster. Except you won’t want to serve these ducks for dinner.

7. Cuphead

Much like overcooked this is one stress filled game, to make you compeletly zen ready for the big day. You will die a hundred times over and over, but this will be one the greatest games you’ve played all day. From the animation style to the levels and bosses, this game is a frustrating piece of art.

8. Super Mario Oddessy (Switch Only)

This game I haven’t personally played myself but hope to next year. From what I’ve watched this is another contender for game of the year. It’s fun, friendly and a platformer that will steal your heart, and keep you coming back for another fix of Cappy.

9. What Remains Of Edith Finch (Xbox One, PS4 & PC)

This is definitly a dark one, short incredible story that will just have you constantly thinking, will really make you appreciate your family.

10. Human Fall Flat

With it’s festive level you can deliver presents and use real world physics to solve problems. It’s even more with someone else to play with.

11. Passepartout

Release your inner artist, and let you mind run wild with creation. Much like present gift wrapping, prepare to light up NPC’s faces.

12. Crash Bandicoot n sane trilogy

Last but not least a childhood favourite, Crash Bandicoot. Go wild and release your energy before the big day, the same with ‘Cuphead’ this game will drive you wild. This remaster is faster and more furious than the last and definitly one for the christmas season!

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