5 ways Running has improved my life

So, first off before I start I just want to say huge thanks to fellow Quixotic writer Lydia, my friend Ellie and my colleague/boss Rachel for being hugely supportive and a huge inspiration to my latest hobby!

I am not exactly subtle about being a huge dorky nerd. I have a great love for the Anime industry, gaming is literally the largest part of my life and over the last few years I’ve been getting a lot more into films and TV – taking many recommendations from friends and family to clear my backlog. From the age of around 16 when I finished school until in Autumn the only exercise I got was working and that wasn’t exactly a lot, this had caused me all sorts of subtle health problems I was avoiding, this isn’t helped by the fact that I am a massive ‘foodie’. I’m planning an article sometime on burgers and I’m a huge lover of a vast variety of food… much of it not exactly healthy.


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It was because of all of this that I decided earlier this year that I need to make some changes, I needed a way to become healthy again and so I went and bought myself some running shoes and a water/phone carrier, put a vest on and began my running.

I now run 3-4 times a week for about 2 miles, it’s not a huge amount but it’s a start and has ended up with a lot of positive benefits to my life, so here I’m going to list the 5 ways it’s improved me!


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Since running on a day to day basis I have found myself a lot happier, after a run whilst my legs are still hurting I often find myself in a rather enjoyable mood. That mood has also now spread to my day to day life, whilst I can’t make a happiness over time graph, there would definitely be a spike in recent months!


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My body feels a lot better, my legs are slowly gaining strength and I’ve had multiple comments on how improved I am looking (vanity being an issue for another day). However, I’ve also found certain ailments I used to endure have gone. I am no longer having these spikes of pain across my body which has been something that has massively made me less stressed.


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Water consumption

I’ve found also since running I’m finding myself wanting to drink a lot more water, I’d previously guess I was drinking around just over 500ml a day on average, which is awful. I now find myself drinking around 2L a day on average which I think is a fantastic way to live and has made me feel a lot healthier on a day to day basis.


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Whilst my weight loss is a different story as I try and lose a stone over the next year, the weight that has improved since running is more in how it is around my body. Whilst I am slowly losing weight I’m also finding that due to running it is slowly displacing, which in my opinion is good, I find myself looking less bulky in one area and more of finding myself looking generally improved.


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I find I have another topic of conversation to talk about now in running, it’s nice to speak to people both in social circles and in online forums about this subject and look at various techniques and how people differ. It’s been a truly amazing experience.


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Thank you very much for reading, very short article this week, But I hope you’re all having a good time in the run-up to the holidays, remember to tweet us on Twitter!