Fairytale of Wales

When you’re a kid snow is a magical experience that you only dream of but only get to see a couple of times throughout life. From classrooms to cancelling school. When you’re an adult this doesn’t change apart from substitute school for work. As soon as that crisp cool air settles in, you just know that everything is going to change. Black ice on the road means a whole new world to explore. Everything is covered with a white blanket.

Driving back on Friday I could smell snow in the air, I felt just like Lorali from Gilmore Girls

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I could see it begin to blizzard as it hit the clear windscreen, making the drive back more difficult like I’d chosen to do the level in advanced mode. But alas it didn’t stick and left the night to do its work as I went to work myself the next day.

By Saturday evening I had completely forgotten about the snowfall, I went to bed in my own little world but when I awoke ready to gather myself together ready to serve smiles on to tourists faces. I pressed snooze repeatedly like any person facing an early morning shift, rolled over to see a crack in my curtains with frost-covered windows and white land as opposed to the grass-covered lands.

It’s intoxicating to watch ice dance, twist, turn and twirl in the wind, bounce down and fall off trees. I believe I spent hours in front of my window just watching the world pass by.

Today I explored the outside further than my window. And found a beautiful winters land, once untouched is now thawing the heart of the town.

Hope you had your own piece of winter wonderland, get in contact let us know?

Did you build any igloos, goes skiing, sledging and embrace your inner child? Let us know

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