Reading and Leeds Festival 2018: Bands Who Could Headline

Its that time of year again, headliners for all of your favourite festivals are being announced and I would wager we’ll get our first official headliner for Reading and Leeds Festivals 2018 in the next two weeks, so below are a few bands I feel could headline.

1. The Killers


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The Las Vegas troupe haven’t headlined since 2008 and with no Glastonbury Festival next year, now would be a great time for the festival to capitalise on its absence. With the release of their great fifth album; Wonderful Wonderful, it would be great to see Brandon Flowers and co make a triumphant return to the muddy fields of Reading and leeds to deliver a hit packed set featuring fan favourites Mr. Brightside, Human and All These Things I’ve Done for a truly wonderful wonderful night!

2. Bring Me The Horizon


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If you’d had suggested in 2010 that Bring Me The Horizon could one day headline a festival this big, I’d have laughed in your face. Today, I’d agree with you. The last few years have seen this band transform from a bratty screamo band to a bratty force to be reckoned with. Their last two albums; Sempiternal and That’s The Spirit showed that the bands music has matured with them tackling difficult issues such as mental health and depression and has evolved into a more melodic sound rather than a grinding industrial machine. Oli Sykes certainly has the balls to take on a headline slot and would put on an entertaining show with pleanty of mosh pits, circle pits and a wall of death! After putting on a blistering performance in 2015 opening for Metallica, now is the time for the Sheffield metal outfit to make their headlining debut.

3. Royal Blood (Co-Headline Slot)


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Their debut album in 2014 was an absolute stormer and their sophomore album; How Did We Get So Dark? is equally as good. Royal Blood have quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the British music and put on incredible live performances to rival that of bands like Muse and Foo Fighters. While the band have certainly become more popular over the years, it remains to be seen whether or not they could pull a large crowd so to play it safe, I could see the organisers putting them on a co-headline slot like they’ve been doing with other bands over the last few years. Either way, if they do headline, we are in for one hell of a show! Just watch this video of them playing their hit; ‘Out of the Black’ at Reading back in 2015!

4. Kendrick Lamar (Co-Headline Slot)


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For a co-headline slot, I feel its good to mix it up and have two different artists from two different genres. I feel Kendrick Lamar would be a great addition and fit in well with Royal Blood and is also something different for the festival. He put on a great show subbing for The Libertines in 2015 and has since gone on to headline Coachella in America. He would bring an audience and would be a good a welcome addition to the line up alongside Royal Blood. Now would be the time for Reading and Leeds to capitalise on his popularity and have a rap headliner that isn’t Eminem.

5. Queens of the Stone Age


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Forget what Liam Gallagher says, these guys are the real rock and roll stars in the world today. Arguably one of the coolest bands around, Josh Homme’s band deliver incredible performances. Their new album Villains was met with rave reviews and they have recently finished a sold out UK arena tour.  They are no strangers to the festival, headlining in 2014 and playing a secret set last summer, and bands in the past such as Green Day and Foals have gone on to headline the year after playing a secret set so it makes sense for QOTSA to continue this new found tradition. If they do headline, expect plenty of Feel Good Hits of the Summer in a blistering rock and roll show which would be suited to closing the festival in style!

6. Arctic Monkeys


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They’re no strangers to the festival and are currently recording their first album in five years which is due out in 2018. Once again, the festival organisers can capitalise on the absence of Glastonbury next year and I can’t think of a better place for them to make their live comeback. They last played in 2014 so it may feel a bit soon but they would surely pull a huge audience for an epic performance.

7. Foo Fighters


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The red hot favourites to headline, it would be their seventh time appearing at the festival and I’m sure the audiences would welcome them back with open arms. They returned to the live circuit earlier this year and released their Queen/Prince-esque ninth studio album; Concrete and Gold to critical acclaim. Always a good bet to pull in a crowd at Reading and Leeds and easily one of the best live bands around, Dave Grohl et al would easily have the audiences eating out of their hands by delivering a performance of pure rock and roll which would easily bring both festival sites to their knees.

8. Kanye West


The nuclear option on this list, the biggest name in hip-hop would certainly be a controversial booking but would also generate a huge amount of publicity for the festival. It would also signify the landing of hip-hop atop of the Reading and Leeds bill. With Eminem having headlined twice in the last five years, it certainly opened a gateway at the festival to make people take the genre more seriously. A booking of this calibre would certainly show that the organisers have balls and would easily be a statement meaning that the hip-hop genre is capable of filling slots normally reserved for indie and hard rock acts. This would also show that the genre is here to stay on the main stage of Reading and Leeds.

What’s your prediction? Let us know!!