Friends Conspiracy Theories

It’s been a while since I managed to write something, in fact it’s been a while since I’ve done anything other than work and sleep, but I thought I’d return to writing with a unique post . So on a rare day off I’ve found myself binge watching Friends, but not content, which has lead to me stimulating my brain by looking up peculiar theories about one of the world’s most iconic sitcoms. Here’s a few of my favorites.

Joey and Chandler pick the wrong baby

This particular scene is the one that started my off on my search for mind boggling conspiracies about Friends. In the aptly named season two episode ‘The One with the Baby on the Bus’, Joey and Chandler take Ross’ baby Ben on a bus tour around New York, but then lose him when they’re distracted by two women. They eventually get Ben back from the bus depot, or do they? There are two babies at the depot and after a hilarious game of head or tails, and the baby crying at Aunt Monica it seems they picked the right one, but I found myself thinking what if they didn’t? It would explain why Ross grows apart from his son as the series progresses as the two don’t actually have a father-son bond. Before Ben’s mysterious absence from the last two seasons the two show barely any similarities in terms of personality and looks and this could be the reason why. It also makes you wonder what would’ve become of Ross’ actual son if he fell into the hands of the other careless parents/carers who left a baby on the bus.

Source: NBC

It was all a dream

There couldn’t be a list of fan theories without the ‘It was all a dream’ scenario. It’s common for all TV shows to have the potential to be solved or end on the revelation that everything we witnessed was a dream by one of the characters, a disturbingly long dream considering dreams usually only last a few seconds. For Friends the theory is that the decade long series is simply an anxiety dream Rachel is having before she has to marry Barry the dentist. Perhaps it’s a fantasy of how her life would turn out if she did have the guts to run away at the alter, like one of those conversations you have your crush in your head before you nervously smile at them and say nothing. This scenario could explain the somewhat unrealistic parts of Friends, like all of them owning apartments in New York despite barely ever working, the group never having a dramatic falling out that last more than a few episodes or Ross never being sectioned. The major evidence behind this theory is the DVD for the fourth season of the show, that depicts all the cast sleeping apart from Rachel, which has sparked a lot of theories including this one.

Source: NBC

Friends is just one big ad for Starbucks

Source: NBC

What I love about theory is that it actually works. I have experienced first hand the temptation for a Starbucks after watching my favorite characters banter in a chilled coffee shop. Every time you see Chandler sip a coffee after a hard day of avoiding his responsibilities you think ‘that could be’, and it could be. All you’ve got to do is stop binge watching Friends and head to your local Starbucks and you could be Chandler Bing. You could get served by a Rachel, speaking of which a few eagle eyed fans noticed Rachel’s early season hair is eerily similar to that of the ‘Starbucks girl’. Just like how The Emoji Movie is an advertisement for Apple and every Melissa McCarthy film is an advertisement for Fitness First, perhaps Friends is simply showing you just how much fun you can have drinking coffee care free at Starbucks.

Monica loves coke

Source: NBC

The most disturbing part of this theory is that once I read about it, it made so much sense. A Reddit user (obviously) came up with the idea that Monica was hooked on cocaine throughout the series. Its not uncommon for chefs to use drugs to cope in a high pressure environment but that’s just the beginning of how this theory works. It would explain her dramatic weight loss, it would explain why she needs everything to be clean and perfect, it would explain why she has no money in the later seasons and why she’s just so shouty. Perhaps most disturbingly it would explain why she doesn’t even let Chandler in the cupboard near the windows, that’s where she keeps all of her cocaine. After reading about this theory I was watching ‘The one where Ross finds out’ and the sub plot to Ross and Rachel’s romance is Monica helping Chandler get fit. She constantly pushes him and has a disturbingly high energy level, and when Chandler decides he doesn’t want to work out on a Sunday, she reacts with a lot of jumping and enthusiastic shouting and now I’m convinced Monica Geller did more coke than Pablo Escobar.

Please feel free to send me your favorite Friends theories and even ones of your own and I will definitely obsess over them!