Prettysuds: Gingerbread Dance

In short; I didn’t like this bathbomb.

But, it does have qualities I love! One of which is the initial smell when I opened the packet! Normally some bath bombs smell a little tame if they’re design is well worked into, this however, is an exception!

The Gingerbread Dance is part of the Prettysuds fabulous Christmas range! I’m on bathbomb number 2 of the 5 I ordered however, I’m not all too impressed with the outcomes. You can read all about the last bathbomb I used here!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love prettysuds but this bathbomb just didn’t hit it for me! The smell was way WAY too overpowering and did make me feel a little sick! Not so good compared to the initial blast of when I opened the packaging. However, if it was toned down ever so slightly it would be perfect! This bathbomb is exactly how I see Christmas, in your face way too much when all you want to do is relax!

But, not only did the smell almost cause me to be sick but it made me really itchy! (The bathbomb not the smell!) which I didn’t expect from prettysuds considering I love all their other products and they’ve never caused a reaction! Super strange!

As for design, it’s beautiful but so fragile! I found some of the bits of the top frosting design had in fact fallen off! (RIP GingerHead) at the price I paid for this, I wouldn’t recommend, just look at how strange this water is!! It’s also really quite small compared to the others! But, if you want to give it a go, you can find them here on the prettysuds website for £3.95! Let me know what you think!