Prettysuds: Candyland

Finally, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s time to bring out those Christmas bathbombs! Yaaaaaay!

So, to start this seasons bathbomb collections, I bring you this beauty! Candy land from Prettysuds’ Christmas range!

Now, I love LOVE love spearmint, like seriously! But one thing that didn’t cross my mind when ordering this bathbomb, was the fact… mint makes you feel cold! Like, REALLY cold! I have never felt cold like this, especially when my outside was warm in a warm bath!

I got out shivering! Now this could just be me, so you’ll have to see for yourself but just as a warning, have a blanket ready!

Other than that, this bathbomb was beautiful! It smelt divine and almost good enough to taste! (Don’t worry, I didn’t! That’s not why I was shivering, my boyfriend already asked me that! 😂)

It was a decent size bathbomb too! Fit snug in the palm of my hand! Super great value and 100% would buy again (with purchase of blanket too!)

You can buy this festive treat from the prettysuds Xmas range here! Let me know what you think! ❄️