5 Reasons I’m excited for Xenoblade Chronicles 2

So, today is the day Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is released for Nintendo Switch. I’ll have a review up next week for the game, but this week I wanted to give you 5 reasons why I’m excited about Nintendo’s first big JRPG to hit the Nintendo Switch.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Was Amazing

Chronicles X was one of the biggest time-sinks on my Nintendo Wii U, the huge environments, fun gameplay and mechs were all an exciting adventure. One of my favourite composers, Hiroyuki Sawano, did the score for Chronicles X and sadly he won’t be returning to 2. The mechs are also not returning, with this being a fantasy world, but that doesn’t stop me being excited. The team at Monolith Soft understand what a good JRPG is and if their last project is anything to go by, this’ll definitely be an experience.

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Combat Is More Intuitive

The team at Monolith Soft have managed to improve the combat in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 from the previous games in the series. Instead of a bar of 4 different skills that can be moved along using the D-Pad, combat is now tied directly to buttons Y, X and B. Improving on the previous games, this is so that the player won’t be spending as much time navigating through menus. Combat now also has a party split between the playable characters known as “Drivers”, and AI-based support characters called “Blades”, that act as your equipable weapon, magic characters and support: all in one, granting you different abilities depending on the blade.

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The Game World Is Huge

The world of Alrest is built upon the backs of the Titans which are giant sentient land masses. The game’s world, due to the size of the Titans, is a massively expansive and impressive world. If the scale of something such as The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild can exist on Switch and the previous Monolith Soft game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is anything to go by, this game will have a huge and expansive world for me to go through.

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The Story Looks Interesting

The idea that people can become weapons is something that made the anime Soul Eater so interesting for me and is something I always thought was an interesting game mechanic. The concept of the blades and the drivers in this game very much mirrors the system I imagined, but from a story perspective it seems interesting. The multiple political organisations within the game also set up for a Japanese-Game-of-Thrones-esque experience. Combining all of this with the goal of reaching Elysium is making for an exciting game I’m eager to burn through.

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A huge staple of JRPG’s are their stories, and with that their audio is also very important. Some companies in recent years have been nailing the audio for localisation, and Xenoblade Chronicles X was also good in this area. However, the Xenoblade Chronicles and Chronicles 2 voice actors are somewhat controversial. Their overly thick British cockney accents either come off as entertaining or aggravating depending on who you’re talking to. Having the option to choose is important as it allows people who want the Japanese voices or English voices to pick and it’s certainly something I’m looking forward to.

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And that concludes the 5 reasons to be excited about Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Now if you need me between now and next week I’ll be saving Alrest and heading for Elysium… Remember to tweet us.