A lot of us are guilty of being too nice and being walked over. At least I know I am. In this day and age, a lot of people will either take advantage of that, whether it asking you to come in on your day off, keep you on longer, or just not tell you the truth and it’s not to spare your feelings but to just put off the action for someone else. So here are 5 reasons on why It’s genuinely okay…

  1. You are entitled to some time to yourself – We all need to mentally and physically just stop and refresh sometimes and it’s not right to feel otherwise. Life will still be there when you come back to it.
  2. The pressure! – You can’t expect to just go from one day to the next without stopping because otherwise, you’ll eventually just snap and worse it might be at the wrong person (I.e Boss, friend etc.).
  3. Mistakes happen – If you make a mistake you need time to reflect and learn from them. So you process and move on.

  4. Doing something for you – if you want to do something i.e upload to YouTube, write a blog, design a poster etc. then you have to make that time, and sadly (especially if you’re working) the only way to do that is to say no and outline that time for you in your free time.